Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pop goes the corny treat

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Popcorn seems to be everywhere right now. I had dinner a few weeks ago with my friend, Jen (big congrats to Jen. She is really taking her amazing custom cake business to a new level and recently found a commercial kitchen to use. And check out her new logo. It looks great!) sorry, now where was I...anyway, she was telling me about another dinner she attended at a local fancy eatery. She said they were serving popcorn to the table sort of the same way you would have a bread basket on the table. Allegedly, the corn had truffle oil on it, but is this really what you want to snack on while you wait for your buttery steak? To me it doesn't seem hearty enough for a restaurant. But the idea is one that I love for parties. I had a popcorn bar at O's 3rd birthday party in April. I made a plain, a sweet (marshmallowy goodness), and a savory (with garlic powder, season salt, etc...) and by I, I mean my mom made...The idea sounds so easy, but the actuality of popping that much popcorn and making everything in batches, well, it was almost as hard as the rice krispy cake. I found something that will work perfectly. 479 Popcorn seems to be popping up all over the place (couldn't help myself...). There are 8 different flavors to choose from including but not limited to Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt and Madras Curry Coconut and Cashews. I know! Sounds good right? Well, they are sold in sampler packs or collections. A Sampler Pack will give you about four flavors to try and each box serves 2-4 people (or 1 if you are like me) for $35. The Collections include 3 different flavors in larger tins with each serving 4-8 people for between $42-$52. And the packaging is to die for. I realize that some of you have to repackage in order to match the rest of the party, but the package design is pretty perfect. Like most of the other products I talk about on this blog, I can't wait to try this stuff. Hmmm, I've got a girl's trip to Palm Springs planned in a few weeks. This would be the perfect snack in the pool cabana. It's hard to feel good about being in a bikini with other girls whilst stuffing your face with a brownie (trust me, after two kids there are way more folds for crumbs to land in then ever before). But I can picture myself elegantly snacking on some tasty popcorn while propped strategically on a chaise lounge. Or maybe I'll try to pair them with some wines for a small wine tasting session. But really, is there any party where caramel corn wouldn't fit in?

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