Friday, August 28, 2009

Cupcakes and Cutlery - How DO they do it!?!

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Here is a new Friday feature. At least until we run out of parties or ideas to talk about. The plan is to take an aspect of a party that we have planned, thrown, attended etc. and tell you all about it. For today, I have chosen something that was a huge hit at O's 3rd birthday party. Since it was a rockstar theme, I felt like there needed to be kid-like cocktails. I mean, come on, booze and rockers go hand in hand. So I decided to do Jello Shots - kid friendly, of course. I used a natural gelatin product found at a local health food store and made three different flavors (and as usual when talking about a party I am hosting, when I say I made a food item, it really means my mom did. Thanks again, mom!). I found the small plastic shot glasses at Smart and Final and had the black tray (Ikea - what, what!!) from a previous party. I created a label to place next to the tray so all were aware that they were safe for the kiddos and for the next hour, pretty much went back and forth from the table to the fridge to replenish the supply. My son alone probably consumed about 25 of these (I do not recommend this as it later had a negative affect on his digestive tract. But I will not elaborate). The kids LOVED this idea and loved that they were their size. And the small plastic cup added an element to jello that kids aren't used to. While we all know jello shots are perfect for 21st birthday parties and bachelorette shindigs, they can also add interest to the food table of a kids party. Give it a try!

(photo courtesy of me! :)

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Just Spotted said...

such an easy, fun and cute idea. i bet the kids loved it!


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