Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A killer idea...that is cereal

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(photo above is not from The Crispery)

Months after I got married, all the cool products that I had so craved started showing up in the magazines. We just finished O's rock and roll party and now Oriental Trading Company has a ton of cool boy rock and roll party stuff. Why does this keep happening to me? I am probably just unlucky, but I am just going to pretend that I am ahead of the curve, cool-wise. His party turned out great (more detail posts forthcoming) but there was one thing that I learned that I will NEVER do again - the rice krispy treat cake. I didn't want an average birthday cake. Partly on account of his food allergies (I wanted everything to be allergy friendly for his sake but also taste good for the guests, which is sometimes very difficult...) and also, because I like doing things a bit different. For O's first birthday, my friend T and I came up with the tiered rice krispy cake (okay, it's not like we invented it or anything, there are several samples on line). And while it sounds like a great idea, one that shouldn't be too difficult, it sucks to make. Sure you could make it a bit easier then we did, but party people like us have a finished product in mind and won't cut corners just to make it easier. It seems like you should be able to make a batch as the base, another batch cut to fit on top, etc. But no (and I'm not going to lie, when T was telling me how difficult it was I thought she was making it harder then it needed to be. Now, I totally believe her, sorry T!) In order to make it look neat, and similar to a real cake each layer has to be 2 batches. T even bought special square pans. Then when you figure out how many guests you are trying to feed, you think "F that!" I think my final total was 8 batches for the "cake" pictured above. And then I had my mother in law make 3 regular batches to feed the rest of the guests. My arms were sore for days from stirring the gooey mess. I ruined my cute little wooden ruler as I was meticulously measuring the layers. So wouldn't you know it, I was going through my zillions of unread emails the other day and came across The Crispery. I am a krispy treat lover and these concoctions are begging me to try them. Crispy S'more, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Cookie - come on!!!! Not only do they sound super tasty, but they look stunning. Yes I said it. Stunning. A krispy treat, stunning? you ask. YES! It looks like all of the individual bars are $2.95. But the bars look large and could be further divided down once you get them home. S- are you crazy? $3 for a krispy treat? Until you actually try to make a tiered cake of them, you may have trouble paying this price. I on the other hand, and my mother (my latest victim, oops I mean helper) and T would certainly shell out the dough to never have to make a batch of rice krispy treats again. You could easily buy a few of the plain bars and stack them to get the tiered affect. And like I mentioned before, it is certainly acceptable to have a pan of treats hidden somewhere to feed the rest of the guests. But the Crispery also does 2 or 3 treat boxes (on the expensive side for a favor, but a cool prize for shower game, etc. or thank you gift for the host of your shower) and special occasion bars. You've got to take a look at these. There are wedding and baby shower options, holidays and more. Contact them for more custom options. So if I ever feel the need to do a krispy treat cake again, I know who to turn to. And according to their blog, they are available at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. I have a very tentative trip scheduled there at the end of June...who wants to meet me for a treat?


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