Monday, May 18, 2009

Designs By Mama!

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This post will be a quick one. My husband gave my son a sprite this afternoon and now I am not able to turn my back on him for even a second because he is bouncing off the walls. Literally. I am trying really hard not to watch right now as he uses his light saber to turn the tv on and off while he drinks a sippy cup of milk using only his mouth and holds a big wad of play dough in the other hand. Crazy.

Anyway, I found this great etsy site that I wanted to share real quick. I ran across it awhile ago actually but just haven't put a coherent enough thought together on it to warrant a post. I will give it a whirl, but again, realizing that there might be bloodshed at any moment with the myriad of things my son is using as weapons, bear with me.

So you know how as a mom, you love to be creative with your parties? You know how year after year you've been successful in steering them away from "Dora" or "Blues Clues" as a theme? And you know how they are now old enough to BEG you for those cartoon characters that you have so skillfully avoided all this time? Well, I think there just might be a way to work in those mass market themes your kids love and still give yourself some room to be creative and modern and even a little edgy. It starts with ordering your invitations from Designs By Mama. The pictures above are just a few examples of the design work she does. She's totally willing to work with you on your theme and she does a great job of taking those characters your kids beg you to work into your parties and making them something you won't mind looking at! Sorry, I've got to run now before someone loses an eye but please please check out her etsy site! (Oh, and a word for the wise, order soon, she is taking a week of vacation next week!) Talk to you soon!


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