Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tape, But Not Tacky

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There are some things I am a total perfectionist about. Of course, they are never the things you would think of. Like, I'm not really a perfectionist when it comes to getting to work on time or making sure my daughter's clothes match her shoes. And I'm not really a perfectionist when it comes to doing dishes or folding laundry. And I guess I'm not really a perfectionist when it comes to making dinner or cleaning the bathroom....So, OK...the point is...when it comes to planning a party...THAT'S WHEN those perfectionist qualities kick in. Like, I really really really enjoy it when things match. When a party flows together and the details all just sort of look like they were always meant to be there. I love for things to have a consistency and not just be thrown together. Which is why I will spend hours the night before a shower putting tiny colored stickers on the ends of the skewers being used for the chocolate fondue. Or why I will buy six different colored labels looking for the one that will be the exact right match for the patterned paper on the invitations. (I prefer the word I know some of you might be reading this right now and thinking I'm sounding more like a crazy person....however, I say we're going to go with that.) can be really hard sometimes to get details worked out in a way that everything looks like a matched set. So here's an idea for you. Why not pick up some packing tape (you heard that right, packing tape!) from Tape Swell. The tape is just $7 a roll (plus $3 if you would like a matching canister) or $20 for matching sets. Use this to wrap around envelopes, create napkin rings, or add a runner to your table. Or get creative - use the tape to create a "mat" for photos, or to jazz up plain paper bags to put your favors in. There are no end to the options. And for $7 a roll? It's a steal! Check out all their designs at today - and let your perfectionist qualities and obession about matching details do the rest!

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