Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little bit of a lot

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I don't even know where to start. My mother in law got a Kitchen Krafts catalog in the mail recently and told me that I HAD to see it. And she was right. The design of the catalog is a bit hokey, but if you really take a look through their items (and there are a lot of items) you can find a ton of gems. My favorite is the Square Cupcake Pan. You may know I am a fan of the cupcake (perfect ratio of cake to frosting) but who knew there was a way to make them different and cooler. I love square cakes and the idea of a square cupcake is so fun to me. What a dork, I know. Another cool product is the Multi Tier Cake Pan. When my sister was getting married, I tried to make mini tiered cakes for her shower. Turns out I am exactly as baking and mathematically challenged as I always thought I was. But with this pan, all you have to do is pour. It's perfect. Just imagine each guest having their own mini tiered cake for dessert. Who doesn't like a mini cake? And have you ever seen these Cupcake Stackers before? They won't work for everyone, but I see sooo many uses for these in a party set up. When planning out the food and favors for a party, sometimes you have to repackage things to make them perfect. This catalog has Waxed Twist Papers (you know, like the kinds you put taffy in). Again, so many uses for this!!! Check out the Gourmet Glass Jars. On a buffet, for decor, for drinks, what can't you do with these glasses. And the price is totally reasonable. I couldn't possibly touch on all the other items they sell. They have a ton of products for canning, dehydrating (a favorite product is a book called "Food Drying with Attitude") so browse around when you have a chance. And since I am currently (and constantly) making baby food for my son, a Soft Skin Fruit Peeler is something that I will be purchasing as soon as this post is finished. Have you ever tried to peel a boiled peach? I don't recommend it.

(all photos from the Kitchen Krafts website)

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Anonymous said...

I love that tiered cake pan! It makes the process so much more simple =)


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