Monday, August 24, 2009

DO play with your food!

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"Don't play with your food!"
How many times did you hear that one growing up? Just when you had built that perfect mashed potato mountain, or figured out how to flick your peas just the right were reminded that food is for eating, not playing. But shouldn't food be a little fun too? I mean, let's face it, no matter how many times we heard it, we all still WANTED to play with our food. I was recently reminded about this when I made the big mistake of letting my two year old son out of eye sight with a bean burrito. That's right...I returned to find him finger painting and putting "makeup" on...and although I was completely disgusted and threw him right in the shower, he loved every moment of it. Sometimes food is just FUN. And that's why I want to give a big hug to whoever it was that created the FOODooder Markers. My daughter received a set of these for Christmas awhile back and they are loads of fun. We often create faces on our pancakes or make flowers out of our tortillas. The FOODoodlers have made food fun again! Pretty much anything with a stiff enough surface, you can use the markers on. They are great for decorating cakes and cookies with, but you can totally let your imagination go wild and do all kinds of stuff. Plus you can check their website here for some great craft and game ideas! And your kids (or other party guests for that matter) will never have to hear "Don't play with your food" again!

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