Monday, August 22, 2011

I went to Blogher and all I got was a full makeover! {by Moms Fashion File!}

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Yikes.  That is a very big picture of my face.  Thank goodness it is the "after" photo from the awesome makeover I won from  Mom's Fashion File.  You may remember my {entry post} from a few months ago.  From that, I was one of 12 bloggers chosen to receive a full makeover while at Blogher.  After winning, I filled out questionnaires about my sizing and style preferences but really had no idea what to makeover day would be like.  I was told to report to the penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel at 4pm on the Saturday of Blogher.  Um, OK!  And as with just about all of my other Blogher related posts, I dragged sweet Amy along with me to photograph the adventure.  I should also note that I just really enjoy spending time with her.  I heart that girl. 

Immediately off the elevators was this wall of Sid and Nancy and hoped that I was going to get a little rock and roll for my makeover.  My core is rock and roll but my exterior is generally a little more album alternative/ easy listening.  
This is my "before" shot that all participants were required to take before the metamorphosis began.  Wow.  Photographs really are great for showing you what is really going on.  I had no idea that those shoes looked so much like slippers crossed with swim fins (although I got compliments on them at the conference, holler) and the uneven leggings was unintentional.  Oh and hey, there is a toilet in the shot.  Hello, commode.    

This angel is Bethany of LA Stylist Mom.  She IS rock and roll.  If I had to pick one person that I would want to totally copy cat their style, it would be her.  I was so excited to work with her and be cool by association for a while.  You guys, she's, like, a legit stylist.  And she had her work cut out for her.

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First I was sent to hair.  The darling girls from San Diego's Detour Salon swaddled me in a smock and set out to give me beachy waves.  But hold the phone.  Do you know what they used?  A straightening iron!  I had accidentally created a wave in my hair once with my straightening iron but have never been able to duplicate it again.  She did my whole hair in about 10 minutes.  Done.  And super cute!!  I want to note that I did try this on myself the very next weekend and it went awry...  I must have missed a technique that is needed to achieve the pretty, slightly messy curls.  The really fun part of getting my hair done, though, was getting to try out the new Windows Phone.  The rep showed me all the cool features, like One Note and how you can open and edit Windows-based programs right from the phone.  Then she let me play around with it.  I even played Angry Birds for the first time!  The drag and drop screen was really fun and I loved that the home page looked like color blocking, so hot for fall!   

The atmosphere in the salon was really fun.  Plum District was a big sponsor of the party Mom's Fashion File was throwing later that night and provided waters for the makeover day.  Yummy sparkling wine was available although I did not partake due to not having eaten a meal since dinner the night before {I had read prior to coming to Blogher that it was hard to get in actual meals, but I though no way.  It was true, even I skipped meals to try to fit it all in.  That is not to say that I didn't hover by the Jimmy Dean booth for several samples that morning}  How yummy does that cake ball look?  The suite was super swanky.  I hoped they would take their time getting me ready so I could pretend that it was my hotel room.

With my hair done did, it was time to get styled!  I was ushered in to a bedroom and the fun began.  The Loft provided this purple wrap dress for me to wear {totally got to keep it!}.  Instead of using the matching tank, Bethany used the Yummy Tummy tank for a little touch of black.  But what shoes...I tried on several pairs and ended up with these black heeled sandals by Dr. Scholl's.  I kid you not, could be the most comfortable heels I have ever worn.  And I kind of can't wait to wear them again. You know how the balls of your feet usually kill the next morning after being out on the town the night before?  Nope, my feet felt great!  And then I learned why Bethany gets paid for what she does.  We could have just tied the belt around the back, or even to the side.  No way.  She tucked and wrapped and made it resemble an Obi belt.  Cool.  Add in the gorgeous metallic flecked infinity scarf and my outfit was complete.  On to accessories.  I took off the Stella and Dot jewelry I walked in with (thank you again, Heather!) and Bethany began to complete my look with a stack of Stella and Dot bracelets and wraps provided to us for the night.  With the leather, studding and snake bangle I kind of rounded the corner to rock and roll.  I looked cute.   Outfit complete!  I wished that I had had a slip, remember that I am 80 years old on the inside, but I loved the overall look.  So fun!  

Let me take a moment to also mention that while I was being styled, fellow blogger Cheryl, of Mommy Pants was getting her Loft on too.  She and her stylist Jillian, of The Fab Mom, were awesome and I was glad to share that experience with them.  They may have seen my boobies. 

Hair, check!  Clothes, check!  Makeup, yes please!  Ms. Tia Dantzler is an artist.  I feel so lucky to have met her and have the opportunity to have my makeup done by her.  I've had my makeup done "professionally" a handful of times for weddings, special occasions, etc.  Only 1 person has ever made me feel beautiful when I walked away.  Until Tia.  I did not get to spend a ton of time with her but she made me feel pretty.  She had the most calming presence, which I totally needed at that moment, and was just a lovely person.  I wish that I had gotten more time with her to actually learn some of the techniques she used.  But luckily for us, she too, has a blog, The Beauty Elixir!  It is filled with beauty tips, how to's, product preferences and rad photos of the amazing work she has done {but, um, totally go check out her portfolio too - she's worked on some amazing people and projects!}  I don't know how she finds the time to do it all, but she is an inspiration.  In an industry where people are quick to judge and want to change people in to something they might not be, she kept me, ME.  I looked like a more dressed up, refined version of myself, but it was me.  She's the best you guys.  I admire her as a business women and creative mind. 

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  Except for that claw hand clutching the glass.  Raaaawwwwwrrrrr! 

Next up was a manicure using the Best. Polish. Ever.  I am seriously in love with Scotch Naturals.  I am going to do a whole separate post on them because they are brilliant.  I got this great sparkly black painted on my nails.  Another step closer to full-on rock and roll.  And that completes the make over portion of my day.  What an amazing experience. 

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A HUGE thank you to the Mom's Fashion File team that put on the makeovers:  
Andrea of Savvy Sassy Moms, on Twitter.
Nicole of Mom Trends, on Twitter.

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I will never forget that experience and it was an amazing way to do Blogher for the first time.   

Yeah.  So this is all the swag I got from the makeover.  See that rad canvas and green bag right there?  That was from Land's End.  Inside was a beach towel {side note:  Land's End beach towels are the best beach towels ever.  I just got rid of the towel I stole from my mom's house when I moved out on my own about 10 years ago.  They are an amazing quality, they are huge and your toes don't hang off in to the sand and you can monogram them.}, white aviator sunglasses, cute brown sandals, a darling pink tankini, a white bathing suite coverup and a gift card for $75!  I'll be sharing what I got with that in a future post.  Check out that red Namaste purse!  I can't wait to use it!  I am so excited to read Soleil Moon Frye's new book, Happy Chaos!  Of course I loved her as Punky but I truly admire the shop, Little Seed, that she opened in Los Angeles.  I think I could learn a lot from her as a parent.  Now I just need my kids to leave me alone for a few minutes so I can get to it.  But that wasn't even close to everything.  I was given this gorgeous orangey-red Scotch Naturals polish which I can't wait to use.  And every Johnson and Johnson's product that I've been wanting to try was sent home with me.  Did you guys know they make a baby oil gel?     

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With time to kill until the party, Amy and I headed back over to the Hotel Solamar to meet Lisa and have more Basil Gimlets.  We carried all that loot across town.  We looked a little bit like really well dressed homeless ladies.  I passed blogging friends and they were so excited to see my transformation.  I didn't think it was that drastic but a few people didn't recognize me.  After a quick bite, I headed back to the Hard Rock for the Secret Style Suite party.     

Here is my official "after" photo by Bella Diva Photo.  That blue thing in my hand is a drink ticket.  Immediately after the photo I redeemed that baby.  A libation was necessary to calm my nerves for the impending FASHION SHOW I had to be in!  

Details from the party to come!  

See all of Bella Diva Photo's pics during all the makeovers here

All photos mine (taken by Amy) unless otherwise noted. 


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

AWESOME!!! I am uber jealous! You look fabulous! How exciting! I totally want to try Scotch!!! I can't find it here for the life of me. grrr. lucky, lovely gal you are my dear. Great photos by the way, seriously, usually these kind of articles never get enough detail shots.

Melissa C said...

Oh my wow! I'm jealous too. Looks like fun and you look like a celeb!!! I like the jumbo photo of you, lol :)

Kristin said...

So awesome! Love the shoes! love the scarf! Love the red bag! You look gorgeous dahling! And yea i can never get those straight iron curls to look good either! i end up with witch hair all crooked and sticking out everywhere. I think the key to getting those curls nice is HAVING SOMEONE DO IT FOR YOU. does that come with the flat iron?

And thank you Amy for taking all the detail shots!

Victoria said...

You look gorgeous, what an amazing day!


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