Thursday, August 18, 2011

My true Wonderlandia {Hostess with the Mostess throws a party!}

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When I found out that Jenn of Hostess with the Mostess was throwing a launch party in San Diego while I would already be there for Blogher, I just about flipped my lid!  I knew that I HAD to be there and I'm so lucky that I was able to get on the guest list.  It was one of the most talked about parties of the convention.  Jenn created the best party site on the web.  You KNOW she throws a good party.  And when word got out, party girls from all over the country decided to fly in to attend.  That meant I would finally get to meet some ridiculously talented girls who I "know" online, in person.  Amy and I met up with Lindsey of The Stationery Place at the Convention Center, hopped in a cab then stopped for a warm up at The Hotel Solamar bar, Jsix, just downstairs from where the party was being held.  This drink pictured above is a Basil Gimlet.  I can't stop thinking about it.  It was AMAZING!   I want to drink gallons of it (you can keep your vodka or gin - whatever it is - It's the basil and lime that I need in my mouth.)  I also want to wear it like a perfume.  The fresh basil was intoxicating!  Seriously, if you ever go to San Diego, you must check it out.  When it was finally time, we headed just outside to check in for the party.  

Never mind the fact that the step and repeat was mere feet away, we decided that we needed to go ahead and start the picture taking.  How darling is my Lockheart bag?  Rad roses made out of zippers!  I am not a spokesperson or paid endorser, I just love their bags!  And I'm going to warn you,  I am in almost every photo in this post.  For some reason I thought it would be cool to have a photo with each of the amazing ladies that I met, but now seeing them all in one place, its a little much.  

Jenn had every detail thought of.  Check out the cute check in boys, complete with matching ties and hats.  They totally matched the decor of the check in table.  I did not get any photos of the check in girls, but they had the cutest tiny top hats on their heads!  What a great way to set the tone for the rest of the party.  

Inside the party, there was a tablescape showcase sponsored by Glue Dots.  These three above are my favorites although they were all SO good.  I read on Hostess with the Mostess that they would be sharing details on each individual table soon so check there to see good photos and learn more about the table designs.  In the mean time, check out some shots on With Style and Grace.   The one of the top left is by Paper and Cake, bottom left by A Subtle Revelry and photo on the right is the smaller cake table as part of Jesi Haack's table.  All of them were stunning!!! 

How fun is the dessert table?!  And next to it, there was a candy display on both sides.  Gorgeous flowers, playful touches and delicious looking desserts.  How much fun is that donut cake???  No, there is not a bunny head coming out of the top of it, that is due to my poor photography skills.  

And so it begins...  So this girl is Lisa of With Style and Grace.  She is awesome.  For real.  I had "known" Lisa for about a year online, and had been trying to figure out when I could meet her.  It just so happened that she was going to be in town for meetings whilst Blogher was going down.  Yeah!  She must be the sweetest, most delightful person I have ever met.  And ridiculously talented.  I adore her blog and how much heart she puts in to each post.  You always get a little something extra with her.  She is totally a resident in the fantasy party girl commune that is in my head and I can't wait to see her again.    

Here is my sweetie pumpkin, Chris of Celebrations at Home.  LOVE her!  She has an amazing site, she's super funny and I want to put some sort of translation device on my cell phone that makes every caller have her voice.  Her accent is awesome and I find her utterly charming.  As you may remember from my post a few days ago I tower over her so in this photo I was trying to make her feel a little taller.  I was not standing on my knees.  But I was close.  Wink. 

I've been super lucky to have worked with the Glue Dots team on several projects and it was so awesome to meet them in person.  They were in town to meet all the amazingly creative women attending the conference and sponsored several great events.  Here are Janel and Lindsey.  I love these ladies!!!

I have been a fan of Bump Smitten since it started and when I found out that Elizabeth was not only at the conference but going to the HWTM party I did a little happy dance!  SO cool!  It was so great to get to know her a little bit better.  I found out Lindi, of Love the Day Design, was going to be at the party from Chris the night before and was ecstatic!  I Love Lindi's style, her party sets and the finished look of her parties and shoots.  And what a sweetheart!  That girl can give a good hug.  There were several attempts to hook up with both of these ladies the next day but we all kept missing each other.  I didn't get nearly enough time with these two and hope we all end up in the same place again really soon!  

Finally!!!! I got to meet Abigal of Paper and Cake!  For some reason, even though she had a table there, I had forgotten she would be at the party.  So it wasn't until later in the party when I found her.  And while I didn't get to spend much time with her, which was probably better as I was a few glasses in (Thank you Columbia Crest!), I was so pleased to have finally met her in person.  I can't wait to meet up with her again soon.  And yes, that is Amy Locurto of Living Locurto.  I must say that she is darling in her photos online, but freaking gorgeous in person.  I didn't get to talk too much to her.  What do you say to someone that talented?  ILoveYouYouAreAwesomeMayIPleaseTakeALockOfYourHair? Can you say restraining order? 

I don't know Jenn and imagined that she had met a ton of people at the party so I decided not to gush all over her and really overwhelm her, although maybe she and Amy Locurto could save money on some sort of joint restraining order?  She seems so kind and sweet and it was wonderful to hear stories from the other party girls who do know her well.  I have been an avid reader of Hostess with the Mostess for a really long time and am so delighted to see what she has turned it in to.  As the party was a launch party for some new features on the site, it was really cool to celebrate all her hard work and look forward to all that she is going to do in the future.  In this photo she is with Amy Belle Isle of Operation Shower (and formerly of Stem Parties).  I had been stalking her blog for years and it was so awesome to meet her.  She is one of my new favorite people.  Aside from being just plain adorable, she is witty, and has the most amazing heart.  I love the work she is doing with Operation Shower and I can't wait to learn more about it.  But why didn't I end up with a photo with her???  I hung out with her at a party the next night, too, and didn't get a picture there either!  Amy, that just means we will have to see each other somewhere soon. 

Guess who else I got to meet?  Victoria of A Subtle Revelry!  Her talents are ridiculous.  Her style is cool and casual and she's possibly the most creative person on the face of the planet.  I am SO looking forward to her next edition of Styled magazine.  I would give almost anything to be a part of her creative process and see how she goes about her one of a kind creations.  She is a huge inspiration to me.  

After the party a group of us were very hungry.  So we paraded around town looking for someplace to eat.  We ended up at a fun little diner (not super fun if you are Lisa and looking to eat something gluten free- but she's a trooper!) for some midnight snacks.  Nothing says I'm ready to go to bed like a bacon cheeseburger.  Super bummed I didn't get a photo with Tori of Thoughtfully Simple!  Here she is pictured above with Lisa at the diner.  She is so cute!  I wish we had had more time to hang out but we live pretty close to each other and I know we will meet up! 

Another great lady that I met that night was Heather from Sixty Minute Housewife, you guys, her site is gonna be sooooo cute!  So fun to find out she is local too and she's simply adorable.  It was super cool to meet Rebekah of A Blissful Nest.  I am definitely not done with her.  I plan on meeting up with her again soon. And Jillian of Catch My Party!  Gosh, what a resource her site is!  I have been meaning to upload some of my parties to her site since I returned.

I am bummed that I didn't get to spend more time with Lindsey but so glad we had a little bit of time before the party to get to know each other.  

And then there is my sweet, sweet Amy.  Since she is a food blogger and doesn't follow the party blogs the way that I do, she didn't know too many people.  But she is the best friend a girl can have.  She let me mingle and chat and even told me just to give her the camera and she would just take pictures of me all night.  How cool is that!  But she fit right in and I'm pretty sure she had a great time too.  And wait until you hear about how much she helped me at my makeover the next day...  I am a little surprised she is still speaking with me.  I heart you SO much!  

Can this even please be annual?  The other Blogher parties were fun, but this one was a blast.  Thank you to Jenn for having all of us and hope to get another opportunity to hang out with you all soon!  

See all the official photos from the Step and Repeat here

All photos are mine.


Tori said...

It was such a blast meeting you as well! I cannot wait for more time together -- watch out world!

P.S. I am so jealous I did not get to try that cocktail, I LOVE basil and that sounds so delish!

With Style and Grace said...

What a fabulous recap!! Makes me miss you even more [if that's even possible]! You're amazing. Seriously, meeting you & spending time with you & Amy was an absolute highlight!! I so wish we lived closer, I need more of you in my life. Cheers to your fabulous self, xo!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Why do you torture me with these recaps & photos? You know I want to press rewind and live it all over again! Darn this 3000 mile distance!

lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

YEAH! that was such a fun party and i loved hanging out w/ you and amy....even though i didn't have my party clothes on ;) your pictures are fantastic, as always. and i wish we could have hung out more too!!

Heather said...

It was so wonderful meeting you as well! What a fun party and late-night snack. Hope to hang out with you & Amy again soon!


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