Monday, October 18, 2010

Oktoberfest Fun

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I just had to share this Oktoberfest party we went to two weeks ago. I was too busy to put it up last week, but it is a MUST see. This party was thrown by Carole and Ryan and they are truly the two most fun people I know. Imagine if you will, walking in to their home to find this huge photo of David Hasselhoff, bedazzled, hanging above the fireplace. If that doesn't say "Welcome," I don't know what does. This was a costume party but since they knew that not everyone would own the correct costumes, they simply asked their guests to come as their favorite German...I don't have too many pictures of the costumes but there was a Zsa Zsa, an Indiana Jones, some German soccer coach (that was my husband) and Dieter from Sprockets. I forgot my real camera so these are all cell phone pics. Sorry for the poor quality.
Regardless of if you came in costume, there was a hat bar set up in case your head was in need of more decoration.
And a mustache wall...How brilliant is this display? Come to think of it, I just remembered I brought some mustaches home for my boys and they are still in my sweater pocket...oops. Looks like we'll be having some more mustache fun tomorrow.
This giant poster was up on a wall for photo opportunities. Note the extreme joy on my husband's face (not a real mustache). And here the hostess, Carole and I show off our costumes. Both of my boys have worn this costume now and I am thinking that could have been one of the most utilized Halloween costume in the history of my family. I do not enjoy dress up parties so this is literally the very least I could do.
Carole had funny little touches everywhere including her bathroom. This mustache was stuck on the mirror so when anyone looked at it, they had more facial hair then when they entered.

Carole and Ryan gave prizes to the best costumes. On the left we have matching lederhosen and on the right, the costume was made the day of the party. The fellas ended up with a big barrel of pretzels and the gal got to take home her very own copy of the David Hasselhoff poster, less the sparkles.
This wiener dog was placed in front of a bench so when you sat down, it looked like you were sitting on the back of the dog. Genius.
In the backyard, they put out a few tables, and hay bales as benches. Used some simple flowers and thrift store finds for centerpieces and had all the German food one could possibly think of.
There were two mini kegs of German beer and one of Root Beer as well as bottles of German beer on ice. There was a wide variety of beer steins to choose from if you had not brought your own.
The soundtrack for the evening was a brilliant mix of english songs about Germany, traditional German songs, the chicken dance and 99 Luft Balloons. This party guest played along with his horn and was very entertaining.

This was seriously such a great party. I hope everyone has a chance to go to an Oktoberfest event before the month is over.

All photos are mine.

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

This is hilarious - David Hasselhoff?!!!!LOL Love the mustache frame too!


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