Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee and Donuts anyone?

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I started drinking coffee right after I graduated from college. I was starting an internship and commuting from OC to LA. I found it next to impossible to keep my eyes open during the two hour commute of stop and go traffic and found that drinking coffee gave me something to focus on so I didn't get lulled to sleep (you know aside from the driving...I mean that was my main focus of course...). It wasn't until many years later that I began to actually take notice of the kind of coffee I was drinking. And during my first pregnancy, I craved coffee and wanted to smell it all the time. Now, I look forward to my morning cup of hot, delicious coffee and enjoy trying new brands and flavors. When Peet's Coffee presented the idea of a coffee tasting I was on board right away. They sent over three flavors of coffee and these really cool french press to-go mugs to brew it in. I know my brother-in-law, Rick is interested in coffee, too, so I decided we could do it as a little birthday get together for him since we had let his birthday go by with out much fanfare. I put together some basic decorations and a "cake" of donuts and the party was ready.

Peet's sent 3 espresso cups for the tasting and I enhanced Rick's with a very many garland (it matched one I hung on our wall in the dining room). And have you seen Padibbles napkins yet? When I saw these 'Edgy Etiquette' napkins I knew they would be perfect for this. It is not often you find a fun, humorous napkin that would fit right in for an adult male party. I am so grateful that Padibbles sent some over for me to use. (PS check out their full line of napkins - they are so fun!)

We sang Happy Birthday and my niece and nephew helped their dad blow out the candle.

I picked up the donuts from the local donut shop and then just stacked them up on my favorite cake plate. No plates or silverware were required making this a very easy birthday celebration.

Earlier in the day I made a vegan version of a donut for my food allergic son. Although he wanted his to be set up like a cake too, he settled for extra icing. Here is the recipe in case you are interested.
Peet's sent over three kinds of coffee to taste and compare to each other Peet's Columbia, Uzuri African Blend and Peet's Sumatra. They sent a helpful info sheet that detailed how to set up the tasting (which is apparently very similar to the ones they train new employees with), as well as tasting notes. It was really interesting. The ones that we thought we would like best, we ended up liking the least. And at first what would taste bitter, would end up becoming very smooth and delicious. It was important to not make a snap judgement but give each time and get to know it. Yeah, I just said you should get to know your coffee...Our two favorites were the Colombia and the Sumatra. As with everything I do, I tried to determine which would be the best to serve at a party. Hands down the brew that we felt would appeal to the widest audience was the Sumatra. We were a tad startled by that revelation since upon first pouring it, we thought it smelled like "wet dirt" (said by my sis-in-law which totally fell in line with the tasting notes 'earthy and rustic.') But as it cooled for a minute and we started sipping, it was the mildest and most smooth and should prove to be a great coffee to have at a gathering. The Colombia was a bit bolder but did have a neat sweet element to it. And by no means was the African Blend bad. In fact, I drank a cup of it this morning and it proved to be delightful. I'm guessing since that was the first coffee we tasted we may not have given it the attention it deserved.

How great are these mugs!!!! I'm dying over the colors and the cool handle is a totally unique feature. These are the New Wave Farida by Villeroy & Boch and these are now my couture mugs. These just seem like high fashion to me and I want to use them every day. You will for sure see these again. I've got some fun hot drink recipes coming up for the holidays.

Peet's Coffee is sold in grocery stores nation wide or online and you should totally consider it for your next party. Not only will you look like you are very refined and know about the subtleties of coffee beans, but you'll have found your new favorite coffee and want to drink it all the time. And why not host a coffee tasting of your own. It was really fun and inexpensive and perfect for fall.

Thank you to Peet's Coffee for sending me the coffee and accessories, Villeroy & Boch for the coffee mugs and Padibbles for the napkins. And Happy Birthday Rick!

All photos are mine.

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Kate Sherman Snapp said...

Love Peet's Coffee (drink it everyday since 1992!) Love Villeroy & Boch!! And, now LOVE Padibbles! Too Cute!


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