Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Halloween Inspiration Table and your new favorite candy

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Are any of you surprised to see a post about a candy with nuts on here? I kind of am. But obviously you have never tried P.O.P. Candy Butter Crunch Treats. P.O.P Candy Butter Crunch is made in Santa Monica and is made with the best, all-natural ingredients. My son has multiple food allergies and since nuts and peanuts are the most severe I make every effort to keep them out of our home. But when I tasted the P.O.P. Candy, the Rosemary Almond flavor, at Unique LA I had to bring some home. It is treated as though it is a nuclear warhead and stuffed way up in a cupboard until well after bed time. It is only then that I get out the candy, savor it's buttery amazingness and then sanitize my hands to within an inch of their life. I am dying to try all the flavors and I just saw that they have granola bars - the perfect late night snack. When I sawP.O.P. Candy again, this time at Unique OC, I saw that they had various labeling options available including the most delightful, happy Halloween, "boo." I was drawn to the orange color, with pops of other bright colors that are not always seen in Halloween color palettes. It seemed happier, and less creepy then most holiday items and I instantly knew I had to create a Halloween theme to go with this candy.

I didn't want to copy the circles shown on labels but I wanted to keep it happy and light with lots of modern touches. The candy shown above is a "taster" size (see here for taster optionsand Halloween "pop ups" options) which are perfect to pass out for Halloween. While on the site, browse around and check out all of their flavors and gift and favor options. I want to warn you, the taster size is like a gateway drug. You're going to want as much as you can get your hands on.

Have I mentioned that I don't like Halloween? It's all dark, and scary. I knew what I wanted my Halloween to look like and instead of putting together the standard inspiration board, I decided to do an inspiration table. I didn't really go about this as a standard photo shoot, but wanted to emphasize the details. When I came across Paper and Cake's Creepy Chic downloadable party I shrieked. Literally yelled out loud. It totally had the look I wanted. I changed the colors a bit to go with my palette but all of the paper items you see in any of the shots are their design with my wording. See, their parties really ARE customizable. I know it is hard to see in the above photo but they even created a paper chandelier! And you can only see a bit of it, but this kit includes their paper doilies again!!!!!!!! (I seriously LOVE those!)

I made little surprise balls out of rings cut from a paper towel roll and orange crepe streamers. A good tutorial is here. I wrapped them with twine from Whisker Graphics and thought that if someone wanted to opt out of handing out candy at Halloween, this could be a great alternative. I liked the idea of going against the dark side so I made the 'Can of Courage' and the 'Evil Be Gone' to brighten spirits and help ward off evil. I made ghosts out of Styrofoam balls, dowels and cute, bright fabrics as a nod to the actual holiday. But you may agree, these are the happiest ghosts ever. I covered the table with white eyelet because ain't nothing spooky about eyelet. :)

Aside from the butter crunch candy, I kept snacks simple and easy. I took Nilla wafers, squeezed a dab of ready made vanilla frosting until it oozed out the sides and then coated with sprinkles. I found these bright green gumballs at Michaels and the ready made sugar cookies, complete with orange sprinkles at Albertsons. FYI, these sugar cookies are SO GOOD! And then quickly dipped pretzel sticks in white chocolate.

Here is my sweet baby boy. He would not take kindly to me using the word baby. He is a big boy. He never lets me take pictures of him so I was so surprised when he pretty much tried to get in every shot. He and I would like to wish you all a truly HAPPY Halloween!

And go buy some P.O.P. Candy butter crunch and tell me how you like it!
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All photos are mine.


k said...

Love it sis!So cute!

cookies and cups said...

Your site it gorgeous!

abigail @ Paper & Cake said...

seriously awesome! and you are a girl after my own heart - im not really into a dark and scary halloween... but youve made it fun and chic!


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