Thursday, June 3, 2010

A very special thank you

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Ryan and Carole

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I have an amazingly talented group of friends. I'm not saying that in a "my friend's are way cooler than your friends" sort of way (well, maybe a little bit because they totally are...) but I am truly lucky to have them in my life and, more importantly, they are willing to do things for me. Let me first start by talking about the Clark team, you may remember them from this previous post. My parties wouldn't be what they are without Ryan. He owns a printing company, Direct Edge Media, and prints whatever I ask him to, in no time and sometimes brings the stuff to me. Yeah. I am eternally grateful for his generosity and try to keep myself reigned in so that I don't abusive his resources (in fact, I won't go to his print shop because I purposely don't want to know all that he is capable of). Now, let's talk about Carole. You guys have to know her. She is the coolest, funniest, most unique person you will ever meet and I am so lucky to know her. She teaches sewing classes, is the best writer I know and loves vintage clothes. She helped me immensely for the party by hemming my tablecloth and sewing all the favor bags. All 32 of them. Big ups to you, homey. And quite frankly, I am pretty sure she would have done anything I asked her to because she is that kind of person. I can't wait to help her with all her future kids parties because they are going to be something special. And a special thanks to Ryan of Carta Society (keep checking back on the website, you will be glad you did) for taking the best photos of the party (and the amazing street art he and wifey gifted my son with - so special!). Ryan also brings me back delicious treats from his travels because he knows I have a huge sweet tooth. You guys are so patient with me and indulge me in my party fantasies. There is a Celine Dion song swirling around my head right now just thinking about your friendship. Let me also take a moment to thank my husband for allowing me to get party crazy and making sure our children are cared for during that time. Thank you to my mommy who is always so willing to do whatever I ask, which for this party included baking 4 batches of cupcakes, and cutting up pounds and pounds of fruit and veggies the day of the party. Gracias to my mommy-in-law, Marie for letting me be crazy particular with the favor kits and just smiled as she double-stick taped and carefully folded each one of them to my specifications. And the biggest thank you for this party goes to Taryn and Ed for letting me use their house!!!!!!! That was huge. Oh, and T also made the frosting, frosted all 65 cupcakes and kept the party running smooth as I was mingling with the guests! I heart you. And now I'm going to wrap this up before it gets really creepy.

*Edited to add: Um, and I totally forgot to put a thank you to my daddy!!! He helped me schlep all the party stuff to Taryn's house the day before the party and then the day of did anything that I asked him to. From untangling the balloons to putting the kids juices on ice. THANK YOU!!! I knew I should have grabbed my notes before I posted.


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Carole said...

Omg. I just cried in the orange county court house juror selection room. Sharon you are too sweet. I would gladly sew you anything... It seems I can do anything except get out of jury service... Do you know any judges???


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