Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Off the wall

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Goodbye, cupcakes. Sayonara, dessert bars. Arrivederci, pennant banners. Seems like all these things came on pretty strong on the party scene leaving us feeling a little used and abused and wanting more. We had fun with them for a while but then they became a little too full of themselves and had to make appearances everywhere. I know there are tons of creative ladies out there making garlands and other cool options for homemade party decor. But until we see what they have to unveil, I'm going with the Banter Banner. The styling of the photos shows just how hip they can be. Long gone are the days of the foiled, "happy birthday" banner that was sadly paired with leftover confetti and mismatched balloons. I am in love. I love that they don't say what you might expect a celebratory sign to say. Each banner is $10 and right now there are 16 to choose from. Created by a former fashion designer, Angela Dean, they are the perfect mix of Dress Barn meets Opening Ceremony. That means that you and your mom will both be buying these. I wonder if we could talk Angela into only creating party supplies? I'm dying to see how she might dress up a pinata.


All photos are via Banter Banner

1 comment:

Thecitycradle said...

These banners are very cool indeed! Although, they still might leave a little room for cupcakes to show up:)


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