Friday, June 11, 2010

One man's trash is another man's party

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Have you seen this stuff by Cardboard Design?!!!!!! I love the idea of cardboard furniture. It's recycling, it's natural, it's casual (but cleans up nice). But did you have any idea that they could make ALL this stuff with it? Just amazing. This stuff is a bit more pricey then I would usually spend on a party but I could certainly buy a few vases (they hold water!) and still be able to buy milk (ok, who am I kidding, Starbucks). But I absolutely adore the wish wall. Red Envelope had a version but I love how this company has taken cardboard, which is usually discarded and turned it in to a keepsake. And not just a keepsake, but one that can be visually interesting displayed on your wall. They have a bunch of products they make from various styles of tables and chairs, toys - I've posted about their lemonade stand before and didn't even know it was theirs - to coasters and votive holders . Check out their website to see what they are capable of. But FOR SURE go to their events section to see some amazing set ups using their products. I just hope it doesn't smell stinky like some cardboard can. Cardboard Designs meet my friend, perfume bubbles...

All photos via Cardboard Design

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Thecitycradle said...

How fun! Cardboard designs seems like such an easy way to celebrate while being green.


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