Monday, June 7, 2010

My party tool box

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Do you love it?! Several years ago, my mom-in-law bought me a set of dainty pink tools for Christmas. They have been put to task tons of times over the years. Most recently my son has decided to use them to unscrew hardware. It started with just his own toys. But when I caught him under the dining table with the screwdriver, I decided it was time for me to reclaim my tools. The smaller items have been long lost but all the tools are still in excellent, pink shape. I saw the above Alice Supply Co. toolbox on One King's Lane just days before my past birthday and fell in love. A new home for my girly tools!!! I expressed my adoration and my mom-in-law sprung in to action and ordered one for me as a gift (along with a camo dustpan and brush set - I prefer my floor cleaners to blend in when out in the woods...). One day the toolbox showed up on my doorstep. And then it hit me. What do I use more than tools? Party supplies. So my toolbox now holds the beginnings of a very smartly packed and carefully thought out party emergency kit. Granted I do not plan parties professionally, but I am a fixer. I live for fixing party problems. And since a lot of the parties that I do throw happen away from home, I know that I just need to grab my wood-paneled beauty and I'm good to go. The very next gift my mother-in-law bought me was especially for my party tool kit. A staple gun and three different sized staples. There is fishing line, strong tape, 3M wall velcro strips, strong cardboard easels, candles, tape measurer and I will continue to add to it as I find things that might be useful. What's the party production item you can't live without?


Photos by Ryan Sasser

*Posts might be a bit light the rest of the week. I'm off to Texas on Thursday for some girl time. See you next week!

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