Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Real Parties - a fun one

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Dude. I have known Amy for years. She's super fun. She's got two adorable kids, a cute little house by the beach and when she drinks she gets all Texas twangy and sassy. And she's creative. She bakes and decorates fabulous cakes. So why am I surprised that she put together this adorable first birthday family party for her daughter? When I think about it, I should have expected this. But I am totally excited about how easy and inexpensive this party was! (oh and I am trying to persuade her to start blogging with me and by blogging I pretty much mean having lots of "meetings" about creative direction with mojitos and yummy food - she also cooks rather well...). Amy wanted to decorate for when the family came over for cake and ice cream. She was inspired by the Kaisercraft Paper called Mumma Babushka. Going off the nesting doll theme, she purchased a couple dolls off of ebay and made all of the other decorations. She put together the garland using papers and printing letters using Microsoft Word. Totally easy! But look at the results. To add interest above the table she used tissue paper to create the puffs (via the Martha Stewart tutorial) - Amy's note: tissue paper that was a bit thicker, from a Hallmark store, worked better then the tissue paper from Target (don't worry Target, I can't quit you. I use you for EVERYTHING else). Or you can buy the kit from Michaels (in limited colors) or something similar here. She made the tablecloth using two fabrics with some fuseable tape (I think this would also work with double stick tape or Mighty Mend it for those of you who are like me, lazy and craft challenged). She folded red cloth napkins (look up napkin folds online!) and tucked a cut out Babushka in the center. And my fave part? The vase! Um, genius and adorable and I just want to do this for every single party I do. She used an empty bbq sauce bottle (yeah, hullo, she's from Texas, she probably goes through that stuff like toothpaste) and Mod Podged some craft punched paper shapes on to it. Done. So simple and sooooo cute! Chic, inexpensive and totally wow. I love this party and can't wait to see what else she does. Her kids are small, which means we've got years of great Amy parties in our future.

(oh yeah and Amy totally rocks as the trapeze too - she's the girl on the far left in the trapeze group picture...)

All photos by Amy.

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Thecitycradle said...

That is a very adorable party. I love the circle cut-outs going up the vase!

Thanks for your sweet words today- you made me smile:)


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