Monday, May 24, 2010

Be a party superhero

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The hostess greets you at the door. She takes your coat and hands you a drink. People are mingling. But something is missing (Record scratch) Gasp! There is no music! OMG. Your hostess is starting to panic. You have to do something. It's up to you to save this party. You have your ipod in your purse. Now, you just need a speaker. With Origaudio's Rock-It anything is a speaker. Anything? Yes anything. This handy little gadget can be run off 2 AA batteries, USB power or a DC adapter (I'm pretty sure that is what it's called, anyway it sounds better than wall pluggy thing). Just plug it in to the ipod headphone jack and then attach the little gadget to virtually anything. The vibrations create the speaker effect and boom. Music. Party saved. When I first saw it in the June issue of InStyle Magazine I was like, yeah right. After watching the video on Origaudio's website, I'm convinced. I can't tell how loud the sound would be, it may not be loud enough to be heard over a large party crowd. For sure it would work for a dinner party or even a bridal shower. Um, the video guy plays it on a tissue box, an empty water bottle and even a piece of paper rolled up. Yeah, crazy right? I wonder how it sounds on a box of wine...

Looks like the item is only available online and runs about $50. That is a small price to pay to be a party hero, don't you think? Also check out their cardboard, portable speakers for around $20. They come several really cool designs and would certainly make your picnic a bit more exciting. They also provide a custom option for the cardboard speaker design. Not sure how much that would run or how many you may need to order. Check them out!


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