Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Juice isn't just for kids anymore

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The above photo was taken during the process. You can see the fun bubbles in the air-lock.
This is how I had it set up at the party. I could have dressed it up even more if I had poured the juices in to a pitcher, but I wanted to let everyone know exactly where the drink came from.

*I am required by the FTC to let you know that I received free product for review. And I'm glad I did. It was tasty.

A few weeks before my son's 4th birthday party I got an email about a product called Spike Your Juice. It sounded interesting. You buy a bottle of juice (following some important juice parameters) add a proprietary blend of yeast and such, add an air-lock cap and wait for 2 days for your juice to ferment in to a sparkly, alcoholic beverage. What could be better at a child's party, right? It wasn't really that I planned on trying the product for that specific event but it worked out that I would have a lot of testers and feed back in one place so I went for it. I followed their specific guidelines for the juice and ended up picking up a White Grape and Cherry Juice and a White Grape and Peach juice. When complete, I would have 128 ounces of fizzy libations. I added the powder packet, put on the air-locks and watched the magic happen. It really was super fun to watch. Fairly quickly the juice began to bubble and sputter up in to the air-locks. The process was not at all messy, which would have quickly lead me to abandon it. I gave the juice 2 1/2 days to ferment so that we could have it at the party. The directions suggest tasting after 48 hours and going from there. I gave them both a quick taste the night before the party to make sure that I would even want to take them. I was pleasantly surprised and the next morning, I packed them in my car and headed to the party site. Quick note: after smelling a faint alcohol scent, I realized that even with the air-locks, they are considered opened containers and should not probably be transported on the passenger seat...probably best to keep them in the back of the car. duh.

I made sure to put on the labels provided in the Spike Your Juice kit so there would be no confusion about what was in the bottles and that whatever it was, was not for kids. I expected to put the juice out, for people to ask me questions about it and then go on to their regular party drink of choice. But I was wrong. While people did ask questions, they actually continued to drink it! The peach flavor was the clear favorite. It had a crisp and refreshing natural peach taste which some likened to a bellini. And while the cherry flavor was not bad, it tasted more artificial. When the party was over, there was just a smidge in the peach bottle and less than a quarter of the cherry bottle left. I'd say they were a hit. All the feedback was positive with several guests asking me where they could buy it. I can't wait to try it again with other juices and letting it ferment a little bit longer.

You can buy your kits online at www.spikeyourjuice.com. For $10 you get a started kit which comes with 6 packets of yeast blend, 1 air-lock and 6 labels for your juice bottles. They provide the juice guidelines as well as cocktail recipes you can make with your finished product. The air-lock is reusable and you can purchase the yeast packets separately. This product is not intended for children in any way, so be smart and careful and always label properly. Kids these days are already obese. Let's not add juiceaholics to that too.

How great is this idea? I can't wait to create a special signature drink recipe for my next adult function.


First photo is via www.spikeyourjuice.com

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Bethany said...

So interesting! I had never heard of this. I bet it would be good with cranberry juice since that is already delicious with one of my favorite libations.


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