Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is that a polo on my animal crackers?!?

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From the outside, I may not look preppy. But I am totally preppy at heart. While I haven't donned a polo shirt since forced to for a family Christmas card in 2006, my heart races a little when I pass the tiny Ralph Lauren's at Macy's. So color me surprised when whilst luxuriating in Target (is that weird? Target comforts me. Hullo, how genius is Starbucks, underwear and gardening supplies all in one place?) and I happened upon boxes of Nabisco Animal Crackers designed by Lilly Pulitzer!!!! To horrified stares, I began piling the cookie boxes in to my cart. Who knows how long they will be around! My husband was not pleased that I seemed to be feeding my two sons "girly" cookies but the kids certainly don't seem to mind. And quite frankly I think they classed us up a bit. And as any good party enthralled woman would do, I immediately planned a party in my head around the cookies. It really isn't that inspired since I went straight to the Lilly Pulitzer party supplies. But since I haven't gotten a chance to do a girly party in some time, I felt a full on pink and green assault exploding out of me.
Could these Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers invites from match any better? Seriously.

And although it looks like she doesn't have all her party goods available in the same Animal Crackers pattern as the invite, these in the Taboo collection are pretty darn perfect (also available from Add in the specialty boxes of Animal Crackers as place cards and favor. Boom. Party planning done. I should also mention that the boxes were done as a way to raise money and awareness for the World Wildlife Fund. Yes, um, very important stuff. But aren't they adorable!! And now if you'll excuse me, there is a box of animal crackers begging me to eat them. I don't want to disappoint.


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