Monday, May 10, 2010

Having Fun

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I have been a horrible blogger lately. Truth is, I've been living. And having a lot of fun. So since I stopped blogging on my personal blog (I don't have time for one, let alone two!) I'm going to put a recap here of all the things I've been up to the last couple of months that have kept me away from the computer. While I vow to try to be more consistent about blogging, I also vow to continue to have fun. I hope you will support me in that endeavor. :)


We started off in early March with a fine meal. Doesn't the above photo scream "fine dining"? We like to try new places with our friends Ryan and Carole. This time we tried the Anaheim White House. A description would not even begin to do the interior decorating justice. I grew up in Anaheim and this is a total landmark so I felt the need to go at least once. We had some great laughs, pretty good food and wonderful people watching.
My hubby, B, had to go to SXSW in Austin, TX for work so I got to tag along too. It is something I always wanted to go to and I jumped at the chance. I had an amazing time tagging along to all his functions. We saw one film premiere (SUCK - see it if you get the chance. So clever!) and lots of bands. Turns out I am horrifically allergic to Austin. Lame.

We saw Rogue Wave at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. Love them. And totally decided to do an art show for O's 4th birthday party. The art hanging behind the stage was my inspiration. I can't wait to show you what came out of that!
My dear friend, Kla B Funk (an affectionate nickname) drove up from San Antonio to hang out with me in Austin. Of course we had to take a shopping time out. That is just what we do.
And once all the Austin festivities were done we drove to stay with Kla B one more night before heading home. She indulged me in a San Antonio cupcake tour. Turns out the Saweet Cupcakes truck (see photo above) is actually owned and run by the wife and sister of a friend of my husband!! They were delicious and you should certainly track them down when you are in San Antonio. We made it up to my husband by letting him go to a huge Bass Pro shop.
Then came Easter. This was the first year I let my older son dye eggs on account of his egg allergy. He did fine, not a hive in site. We went to a good friend's Easter party on Easter Sunday. He had a blast searching for eggs and even more fun eating whatever approved candy he could get his hands on. My younger son, on the other hand, just kept swiping other kids eggs out of their baskets when they weren't looking.
And then it was time for my birthday. For my 29+4, we decided it was time to go to the trapeze class we have always talked about. So we drove up to Santa Monica early one Saturday morning and did it. It was amazing and scary!!!! We had a blast. I have tried to upload a video of me but not sure if that will work out when I post this. If it doesn't, just know I could totally join the circus if I wanted to. :) Then we headed to a delish lunch followed by a great little dinner party prepared by Taryn. She is an amazing friend and I had a special day because of all her hard work (and my hubby too!)

Two days later was O's actual 4th bday. Of course we did it up with a family party and special treats throughout the day.
He had school on his actual birthday and it was my first time making a treat for a classroom!!!! I used these super cute napkins that I found at Target and made rice krispy treats because O can eat those with his food allergies and well, who doesn't love those!?!
Because he birthday party isn't happening for a few more weeks still, we decided to keep celebrating his birthday at Knott's Berry Farm. He adored! Camp Snoopy and we ended up getting passes so we can keep going back.
B and I got a chance for a night out last week to see Broken Social Scene in LA. They are amazing and you should totally check them out. I've recently decided that I used to miss out on a lot of fun because I was worried about being tired the next day. Dumb. I'm over that. Look out world.
And then this past weekend we got the chance of a lifetime. At our pal, Dylan's 4th bday party, we got to meet DJ Lance Rock, Brobee and Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. Both of my kids were super excited. How can anyone top that party?

I've got just two weeks to wrap up preparations for O's 4th bday party. I am pretty excited about this one and can't wait to show you all the fun things we've done. Until then, I will keep trying to post when I can.


Video by my MIL - she totally meant to video the floor...:)

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