Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An eco conscious moment in party planning

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Um, yeah. I totally just saved the world. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. I probably only gave her back about 8 minutes but at least I didn't push her closer to eco-destruction. It was a night, just like tonight, (okay, it's the morning but I thought that would make for a more dramatic story). I found myself in the plate aisle in Party City - (did you know you can shop online now? Holler!!!) and I carefully tried to match colors and add up the guest list in my head. Done. Red forks, white plates to go perfectly with my other serveware on the buffet table. But wait! What's this? Eco friendly options? I stopped and reflected for a moment in my head. Bird's chirped, whales sang, I was in white running on a beach. It was remarkably close to a tampon commercial. I could actually make a better decision just by choosing different forks and plates. I quickly put back the red forks and white plates and chose the beigey bio-degradable sugarcane ones instead. Granted everything else at the party will pollute landfills and will add to what is surely the largest personal carbon footprint by one individual (I wonder if there is a Guinness record for that) but I'm baby stepping. And then I saw this great product in KidsLA magazine and had to share with all of you.

You may not be able to always make the greenest party options but you should be able to at least dispose of it in a better way. These recycling trashcans by Flings are perfect. Locally they are sold at most Vons stores, but they are in stores all over the United States. They come in 4 packs for $15.99. You can also buy them on-line through Amazon (as a single for $3.99 plus shipping) or their own website (in 4 packs but with free shipping!). I may be getting these for my upcoming party. Problem is, I don't think the community where I am hosting the party has a recycling program...That is a problem I will have to work out, but here is what else you should know about these cans. They come flat, you pop it up to standing position, throw in your recyclables and then pull up the bag drawstring and take the whole thing out for recycling. Amazingly simple. They are 13 gallons and made of a strong leak resistant material so you won't get schmutz on your party shoes. Aside from the totally on trend green is chic recycling emblem can, they also carry a birthday, celebration and holiday design. You can even mix and match your set of 4. Use the birthday can for food waste and the recycle bin for, well, guess. Why didn't someone come up with this sooner?


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