Thursday, May 6, 2010

A new generation of party monsters

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I have coerced my niece, P, in to allowing me to plan her wedding. I see this as a minor coup. While she is currently only 7 years old I see to it that I remind her of our pre-arranged wedding planning agreement on a regular basis (remember I have two boys, the chances of me planning their weddings is pretty much none). For now I have total control of the future nuptials, victory is mine! But it just so happens that P's mom is A. You know, my sometime partner in crime and coauthor of this blog. I know deep down in my heart that I will probably not plan the wedding. More often then not, the bride wants to plan it. With the mother giving lots of input. Crazy control freak brides (I was not. HA! Holler bridal party). Although I plan to let them know how totally outdated and uninspired that is when the time comes. I will have to concede at some point. And as long as I know that P has received the proper event planning training I will happily sit in a corner and tie ribbons on favors or fold programs. And while I don't doubt that A has passed her party planning gene on to P, I am going to get her this Playful Party Planning for Kids just in case. It is a very reasonable $17.99. I propose that we make it mandatory for all girls in school to get one of these kits. They could get it right after they get "the talk" after seeing "the film." (Do kids even see a menstruation film these days? Fifth grade was like 100 years ago.)

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