Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kermit is totally right

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It's not easy being green. And I really want to be!!!!! But I suck at it. Especially when party planning. I am trying to change my evil ways and I think it may be working, I am actually liking the taste of a Kashi frozen pizza I am eating right now... So while I yearn to provide amazing responsible entertaining tips, I am not your gal. I found this post via Inhabitots, a great resource for green living, geared at kids, all while being pleasing to my eyes. Turns out the author of these great party planning tips has a blog called Petite Planet and you can find even more great ideas for your family to do it's part for not ruining our planet. There is also and UH-MAZE-ING section for crafts that you will totally want to use in your upcoming parties, holidays and just to shut your kids up for a little while. I have not yet had the time to really scour her site, but I plan to. Maybe I should set up one of the crafts...


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Two Penny Parties said...

Hi! My blog recently had a contest for eco-friendly parties and I'd love to pass along the winning idea!


Shachi, Two Penny Parties


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