Monday, April 26, 2010

Real Parties: Sugar Rush

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Recently my dear friend, Taryn, held a first birthday party for her son Jackson. Jack is about a week younger then my son (wait, you are thinking, you showed your son's first birthday party months ago, the math is not adding up on this - sometimes parties don't work out immediately around an actual birthday - don't judge.) She didn't want to do a huge blowout (but as you can tell from the following photos T doesn't do small) so she wanted just a few elements to carry throughout. She decided to do a candy bar and some sweet snacks and just let the kids get nuts in a bounce house. Could you just die over those lollipops? She made all of them herself with wood, Styrofoam, and paint. They turned out so cute. She had them at various points around the property.
The candy bar turned out so fun. I took her to my fave fabric store for the striped fabric hanging in panels behind the table. It turned an otherwise stark entryway in to a whimsical welcome. She handmade the pennant banner with coordinating scrapbook papers and Mighty Mend it (hullo - my new fave products. She hemmed the fabric panels with it and used it in all kinds of other crafty ways throughout the party). Using jars that she and I already have, she went crazy buying candy that she loves and knows that kids love too. Some was bought from Powell's, a great Orange County candy shop (they host kid's parties there too) as well as Smart and Final and other big box shops. By adding a photo of Jack and the letter "J" she personalized the table even more.
These bags are one of my fave (can you tell I am too lazy and have very few minutes to blog today so I am shortening some words???) things about the candy table. I found the template over at iDIY (great site for freebies and downloads) and is by Hello Lucky . We made the labels more personalized to our party and used coordinating colors. I think they added a ton of color and personality to the table. We also used signs Eat Drink Chic (if you are regular readers you know I want to be Amy Moss but I don't want to be too creepy...) from Amy's Ice Cream Buffet post for all the candy labels. The candy bar provided treats during the party but also acted as a favor as the guests left. I am pretty sure there is a ton of candy left and I am wondering how long until T's kids teeth rot. :)
Taryn coordinated the labels and ribbons and somehow managed to buy pretty candy (don't think that was a coincidence, T has certain OCD qualities).
Along with the candy bar, Taryn prepared and utterly amazing snacks table. Stacks and stacks of oreos, rice crispy treats, yummy fresh donuts, salty and buttery popcorn (in adorable popcorn boxes from the Celebrate It line at Michaels - do you know about that line? If not, it is quickly becoming a fave for party basics). She wrapped boxes with white kraft paper and tied bows to create interest and height on the table. Do you notice the giant wrapped candies? Those are leftover paper lanterns from her surf party last June!!! Great party recycling in action.
Why yes, these big-ass cupcakes did come from Costco. And they are soooo tasty! We used a circle punch to make the cupcake picks and check out what she used as a cupcake stand. They are shelf risers from the container store. Not only does it look super cool, but she is totally going to use them in her cupboards when the party is over. I love that kind of forward thinking. I wonder how I can use some Jimmy Choo's in my next party.

Do you have a famous sugar cookie recipe? Taryn does. And she shared it with all her party guests in the form of these adorable "J" cookies. She used sanding sugar in coordinating colors and made about a bazillion of them. I was lucky enough to be over the night before the party to eat all the broken ones. If I am ever on a desert island (which by the way I just mis-typed as dessert island so this next thought will come as no surprise) I want these cookies with me.
She set out a craft table in front of the bounce house with 4 different cardboard items to decorate and I'm pretty sure all the foam stickers available in all of Orange County. This was a great place for parents to hang out with the kids and for the kids to take a break from the boys against girls war in the bounce house. We stopped that before it got to East Coast/West Coast.
As if she had nothing else to do, Taryn put a little sticker on bubble bottles to further personalize the party. She also stuck these stickers on the clear plastic drink cups. It is such a simple idea but really does unify a theme.
Here is the lucky birthday boy digging in to his cake. I am so lucky to know this family so well and be a part of their lives. Taryn throws the best parties and she is an amazing and talented woman and mom.
Before the party even started we wondered how the parents were going to feel about all the sugary goodness. So Taryn provided them with a little parting gift as well.



Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Adorable party! The antacid idea is too funny!

Laurie said...

I love this party! I'm planning a vintage car/truck themed party for my son, I will definitely BORROW some of her ideas:)

Laurie said...

I love this party! Im planning a vintage car/truck party for my sons 3rd birthday, I will definitely be borrowing some of her ideas!

JenniB said...

I love this! The details throughout the party really make it. And, the antacid--priceless.

JenniB said...

Love it! I really liked all the details throughout the party and the antacid--priceless!


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