Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keep it together

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There is still a chance A might post today, but I saw this and wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. You may remember our posts on the awesomeness (totally a word) of tape here and here. Well, there are some pretty cool ones on sale today at Go check them out. A and I still plan on decorating an entire party with tape, but for now just think about how cute you can wrap a package!! I know with a 3 year old, I have to wrap presents at warp speed to ensure that a) he doesn't cut off a finger, any hair, his brother's eyelashes with the scissors, b) he doesn't try to "wax" the hair off my arms with unusually sticky Scotch tape, c) he doesn't wrap himself up in my very expensive, but expertly designed wrapping paper into a "baby burrito." So lately, I have started wrapping everything in kraft paper and if there is time, slapping on a sticky bow. But just think of how cute that kraft paper could look with these decorative tapes!!! Check them out!


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