Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work it Out

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Right now my four month old is on his stomach on the floor crying and waiting for me to come and turn him back over. Now you see, I originally laid him on his back. He turned himself over, therefore, in my opinion, he should be able to return to the way he started, no? Apparently not. We became very aware of this last night. All night long. He does really well when swaddled, but he is starting to teethe and needs a hand to chew on and self soothe. But he can still roll over and now there is also the swaddler in the crib impeding any efforts to go back to his apparent preferred position and may just wrap itself strategically around his head and suffocate him. Therefore I can not sleep a wink. He went to bed unswaddled last night, woke up several times and finally after a marathon waltz (which I can only compare to what training for Dancing with the Stars must be like) I finally swaddled that kid from head to toe and laid back down. At 3 am. Did I mention that I am also potty training my son, who just turned 3 and now has the mental capacity to pull fast ones over on me? Needless to say, even after I got a weekend of pure relaxation just over a week ago, I am ready for some "me" time.

When I was in my Paper Source store last week, I picked up a flyer of their upcoming workshops. I just found it this morning and read it while above child was screaming and causing my ears a pain that I thought only Britney Spears' singing was capable of. They have some really great classes coming up including fun "mother-daughter" options, card and book making and my favorites, the ones geared around parties. "Throw the Perfect Shower" will show you how to mix and match their components to get the "wow" factor. They will show you invitations, favors and a few other "finishing touches." "Summertime Parties: Backyards, Beaches and Barbecues!" will show you how to create fun and "sassy" invitations, again, party favors and also accents to spice up your party decor. "Oh Baby!" will focus on shower invitations and birth announcements and will show you some unique ideas for making them extra special. Most classes are $45 and are around two hours long. Check their website for the class schedules for the store near you.

I am now going to secure a babysitter so I can attend one of these classes. Would it be wrong to imply that the class is a full day instead of just a few hours...


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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Awww, sounds like a Calgon moment! If I were there we could go to a class together! If you tell your babysitter the class is say 5 hours, I promise noone will rat you out ; )


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