Friday, August 1, 2008

Holding it together

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A and I love tape. Mostly I'm talking about decorative tape, but sometimes we have a lot of love for the plain old Scotch variety too. When I say we love tape, what I really mean is we love the idea of tape. We have not actually used decorative tape in any of are party plans yet. But it is only a matter of time. There are so many kinds out there to choose from. Yesterday I came across 3 types at Fred Flare. I immediately fell in love with the Kids Parade Tape (50 ft. of 2" wide tape for $10). I can totally picture an old fashioned, yet still modern baby shower decorated with black, white and hints of red. The children on the tape are so great and will certainly make the guests yearn for a more simple time of yore. The tape can be used in all kinds of decorations from wrapping it around a cylinder glass hurricane, creating a napkin ring, used as a table runner, decorating favor packages, or used as wrapping on presents wrapped in kraft paper to be used on a buffet table to add interest and height to the food. I'm sure there are a bunch of other ways to use it that I haven't even hit on too. Fred Flare also carries a multicolored checkerboard tape (80 ft. of 2" wide tape for $10), and Love tape which has different colored hearts on it (25 meters - you're on your own for conversion, simple math makes me sweat for $6). I have seen various neon color rolls of duct tape at Michaels (not sure of the price, I think $4/roll) and there are a ton to be found around the web like Lace Tape, Frame Tape, Bacon Tape, and Message Tape. Don't underestimate the decorative power of tape. It's not just for fixing pants hems anymore. What! I can't be the only lazy person around that uses tape instead of sewing. I hope I get to have a tape-tastic party soon.

Edited 8/12/08 to add: I have found several other cool tape options over at Chocosho - check it out.


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