Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stuck on stickers

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I have a thing for wall decals. If you are a loyal reader, you will realize that I like a lot of things. Which means, that I like to spend my money and therefore don't have any. Which is why, an aim of this blog, is to bring you items that are affordable or at least realistic for your party planning. There are some great wall decals out there, but so many of them tend to cost so much money. Having a printer friend who actually provided a full wall mural decal for a recent new mom celebrity, I know how much they cost to make. And how much they get marked up. That being said, I was super excited to come across Dali Decals. I first saw one of their decals (of a very large Bruce Lee) via Rare Bird Finds (I have mentioned that site before, they find the coolest stuff!!!). But like everything else, it took me about a month to actually make it to their website to the decal website to look around. I love it!!! There are several off-shoots of the company which looks like it started out making decals for race cars and other man-type things. My favorite find is the custom monogram decal for a whopping $18!!!!!! Or have a full name decal made for $35. These decals would be awesome for a baby or bridal shower, milestone birthday, kids party and more. That price is amazing. Other companies charge considerably more for these. They also do some really great decals for the home, including a silhouette of a chandelier that could be really great for dressing up a room for a gathering. Please go their etsy site and check them out. Beware, they also have an etsy site called "offensive decals". But doesn't that name make you want to check it out too? Like how offensive can a wall decal be? To be honest, I only looked at the first 3 decals (which were not that offensive) before I clicked over to write this, so don't say I didn't warn you. The decals sound really easy to install, but they are not reusable. You may want to order 2 at a time to use one at the shower and then gift one to the guest of honor. If we can ever figure out a name for this new baby in my belly, I will be purchasing a monogram. I think this may be a new party standard from now on. I love these!!!


Sherry_Iannucci said...

I love your website and I can't wait to spend more time on it! This post hits close to home for me. I am an Uppercase Living Demonstrator and became one for the very reason you talk about wall decor in this blog! Uppercase Living has great prices too. Check it out! www.sherryi.uppercaseliving.net

Dali said...

What a great write up Sharon! I think you've really got us pegged. :)

Give us a call, contact info is on our site http://www.dalidecals.com, when you're ready for that monogram...we'd love to give you 10% off...guess that would make it around $16! :)


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