Thursday, August 7, 2008

Party in a Pouch

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As you get older, your close friends end up spreading across the country (kayla b funk in san antonio, I'm talking to you). And you end up missing out on a lot of special occasions. But that doesn't mean you should let them go unnoticed. I love finding little, inexpensive items that mail well that can be sent to show that you are thinking of them. I think I was first directed to the If'n Books + Marks website because of a great product called the Fortune Kooky. They are just like those old folded up paper thingys you used to make in elementary school that would tell you who you would marry (does anyone know what I'm talking about? If not, click on the link and you'll get it.) but way cooler. They would be so great to have laying out at a party to entertain people. But once to the site, I saw the Party in a Pouch. What a great idea!!! And their description and directions for use are so well written. Please go check it out. For $3.50 plus whatever shipping materials you will need, it makes sense to pick up a few of these to have at the ready. I think these would also work great for office birthdays, teacher gifts (not to be opened in the classroom, what a mess, right kayla b?), a birthday gift for your mailman (hey, my parents buy xmas gifts for the postman, a birthday gift is not that far off), or to use at a bar for a bachelorette party. Do it.

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kayla b said...

thanks for the shout out my love!I miss u too!
kayla b funk :) (in sa, biatch!)


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