Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taking the "ow" out of bridal shower

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I'm pretty sure I am one of the few people on the planet that has a favorite wedding planner. Okay, well, I have several. But one of the first and finest that I learned about was Mindy Weiss. I even dragged some friends to the local Macy's one night when she was giving a talk on wedding planning (never mind that I had planned my wedding two years prior...). It seems that she puts so much thought in to the weddings and really helps the brides to uncover special meaning and then presents things in a modern and classy way. I could be way off base here as she probably employs a virtual army of people to produce and execute these events, but I digress as usual...I knew that she had her own line of wedding planning products which, of course, came out after my wedding, but I just realized that she also has two great products that are specifically for the bridal shower. One of which is a really cute Bridal Bingo, complete with heart crystals to mark off the squares. And this isn't your standard bingo, no, it uses words associated with weddings. The kit comes with enough cards for 20 players and is done in her signature robin's egg blue and cream color palette with whimsical illustrations. The second product is a bridal shower "Bow"quet Kit!!!! Finally! I am not sure why someone didn't think of this before. Instead of having your maid of honor potentially stab herself while trying to poke holes through a paper plate in an effort to give the bride, supposedly someone close to her, a lame attempt at a ribbon bouquet, for just $12.50, you get a heart shaped cut out with an area for personalization as well as directions and holes for the ribbons. Let's class up those ribbon bouquets, bee-yatchs. The kits can be found at several websites, including Mindy's own site, Bliss Weddings Market, Advantage Bridal or you can google the product to find more.

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