Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plates and Napkins

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I have been meaning to check out this website, Plates and Napkins, for a while now. But I am really lazy. And isn't it funny how the minute you find out you are pregnant, it is the perfect excuse for everything? Like, hey, I can eat an entire 5 pound bag of m&m's, I'm pregnant. Or, I don't have to do laundry ever again 'cause I'm pregnant. So I am sorry if my posts have been lacking lately in humor, thoughtfulness, or have shown any weakness in any area. But I'm pregnant. So, as always I am trying to get this post in before my son realizes that I am not paying attention to him and he comes over like a cyclone and rips the computer clear out of the wall. I was perusing my new Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine and came across her really cute picnic set ups. She had about 3 different moods for picnics and had menus and products to go along with each. One of the set ups had really cute yellow plastic cutlery so I looked up what it was and found that it came from Plates and Napkins. So I popped on over and wow!!!!! I really could have used this site so many times. You know how you have the perfect paper plate in your head, and you have actually never seen it in a store but in your heart of hearts you know that it must exist in this world somewhere? No, so it's just me then? Well, Plates and Napkins is that somewhere. They have themed plates, solids, patterns, modern, (including some by French Bull) and so much more. And that is just the paper plates and napkins. They also have several paper runners to choose which would be soooooo cool. They have place mats, really cute cupcake papers, cutlery caddy's and an amazing selection of plastic cups. It really is more than just plates and napkins. The prices vary, so you will have to click around the site to see if anything falls in your budget, but I do know that the clearance section has a ton of potential options. I don't know how to wrap this post up today, but I'm pregnant so it is okay.

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