Friday, March 20, 2009

Hat Head

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I dream of planning a girly party. But, I have two boys. I have two nieces that live in a different state and I have one local niece whose mother is the co-creator of this blog. So needless to say, the majority of my parties will not contain the color pink. I will just have to continue to live vicariously through all the amazing girly parties I see on the web (and hope I can bribe A into letting me plan a party for her daughter in the future). I recently came across this tea party on the Daisy Princess Paperie blog. It is my understanding that little girls enjoy dressing up. And while most closets probably contain a few nice dresses, I wonder how many actually contain a hat? The hats the girls have on in the photo are handmade out of paper (see instructions on how to make the hat here) and then decorated. I just love a party item that can cover more then one party category. Just set out some stick on jewels, colored markers and glitter glue and the girls will be entertained for a while. Then they get to wear them through out the party and feel very special and grown up and lastly they get to take them home with them. That is my kind of favor. You KNOW they would wear it again at home. I was lucky enough to inherit an amazing mismatched teacup and saucer collection which would be perfect for this party. If you don't have your own china, check out your local thrift shops to see what they have or, I found these really cool plastic teacups you can use. And remember A's post on tea? Teavana has a wide selection of herbal teas (probably don't want to much caffeine pumped in to the little princesses) or visit your grocery store. Why not have the girls help make the finger sandwiches and scones and you have filled several more hours with fun-filled activities (second favor idea - send the food recipes home with the girls or with some of the tea {downloadable tea bag label here}). Play show tunes in the background from kid friendly shows and the girls will have a fun yet sophisticated party that they will be talking about for weeks. For easy decor, just use lots of white with pops of colors from inexpensive flowers or use these crepe paper flowers by Martha Stewart Crafts for a darling little centerpiece. Okay, off to the garage to try to shoo out the lizard that has taken up residence. Let's keep that on the d l though. I live with three males and they have embraced our new roommate. I, however, think he needs to be evicted.


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