Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saddle up for the Kentucky Derby

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I have found, from doing this blog, that I am holiday averse.  A- posted on St. Patrick's day but I had no intention.  Similarly, I had no interest in blogging about Mardi Gras.  I have never been and all I know about it is that there is some cake with a creepy plastic baby in it and cheap, tarty girls show their naked boobs for really cheap plastic beads that they could buy from their local party store for about a dollar with their dignity in tact.  It might be because I am lazy or that my 3 year old really doesn't understand what each holiday is yet, but I don't decorate my home for them or really do anything extra special.  Maybe as the kids get older this will change and I will be more open to blogging about them.  But here is something I find interesting.  I can't wait to do this post about the Kentucky Derby.  Why? You ask.  The hats.  I love fashion, especially if it is over the top and the hats worn to the Kentucky Derby are crazy big.  J'adore. (I do kind of feel like I have been there to through watching episodes of that JSimp and Nick Lachey Newlyweds show).  So as usual, I was reading a magazine.  In the newest issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay shows us his fridge.  And in his interview he mentions a website that he contributes to called Kentucky Derby Party.  It is a website dedicated to entertaining and parties around the Derby.  It includes invitations you can send, food, fashion, Derby Trivia, a shop to buy merchandise and of course lots of Bourbon based drinks.  There will be no further posts by me about the Kentucky Derby which is in the beginning of May.  This website has it all.  The weather here is perfect today and I'm thinking I might try to whip up a mint julep for myself...have a great day.


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