Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can't wait!

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Sorry for the light posts last week.  Turns out A has pneumonia AND tonsillitis.  What?  And I had a friend in from out of town (well, I didn't have her here but she was in my old town which is an hour away so I drove up there a few times, which, let me tell you, takes a ton of packing up when you are carting your two kids with you) and time just got away from me.  But I couldn't wait to be back and tell you about something I came across.  Of course it came from a magazine, that's how I roll.  Gourmet Magazine has something that they are going to be rolling out soon called Gourmet Guest List - "where social networking meets home entertaining"...Awesome.  Check it out.  They are taking sign ups and will let you know when the site is ready.  I hope it is soon.  I bet we are all going to love it.  I have to go eat my weight in Girl Scout Cookies now.  Yum,


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k said...

Don't they know that April is my month to host our dinner club... and I am in serious need of menu ideas?!?! They need to hurry up! Thanks for the info!


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