Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea for Two (or more!)

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I am living in a sick house. For the past two weeks, it has been nonstop. My poor husband got the worst of it with walking pneumonia but the kiddos are both sick too. Somehow I've managed to escape the clutches of whatever it is that is working its way through our home. I'm totally giving credit to the health benefits of this tea I've been drinking (bad segue...) Really though, I was first introduced to Teavana at T's house for S's baby sprinkle. We were running around at the last minute getting things ready and she pulls out this crazy looking teapot. What's this? A kitchen tool I haven't seen? It can't be...Oh, but it was. And the tea? Let's just say, amazing. I immediately wanted one, of course. And courtesy of my mom, I recently got one! Now let me tell you, I've never been big on teas in general. But this tea is amazing. Whip up a batch of any of their flavored black teas (I prefer mine iced but then again, remember I live in Southern California where my thermometer read 82 degrees yesterday)...Anyway, make some for your next get together. Your guests will think its incredible, and the best part? It's incredibly easy. Here's a little video from their website to give you an idea of just how easy it is:

Take a look through their tea collections and consider serving some up for an asian themed affair. Or for a fun twist on a romantic dinner, try one of their blooming teas. Not sure how they work but definitely fun to watch! And speaking of watching, my daughter's been watching tv for the last hour and I should probably check on what my son is up to.....


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