Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free awesomeness

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I forgot the name of my blog.  I was trying to log in to post and I couldn't get the log in name right.  Which is the name of our blog.  Does that tell you what kind of morning I am having?  I woke up with this crazy headache (which I can't tell if it is from wine or allergies) and one kid has a low grade fever and the other one smells, overwhelmingly, like spit up.  And all I want to do is shut my eyes again.  Since that can't happen, I'll post.  I know that you all like free downloads like A and I do and I recently came across the most fun stuff.  They are from 16 Sparrows, whose tag line is paper goods for the cynical.  They are speaking my language.  If you don't like profanity, these are not the goods for you, although you will still like their free downloads.  I love a card company with a good sense of humor and these people crack me up.  I love that the cards are beautifully designed but then say things like "Happy F***ing Birthday" or "Suck it up crybaby."  I am drawn to their fun Telegram Stationery and their "Get up off your ass" to do lists.  But you've got to see the rest of their stuff too!  Look around.  But now on to the free downloads which they have under the "Fun Stuff" tab.  First up is the "Valuable Document Envelope."  You print the document on paper and then cut and fold.  It is a great way to take your invitations to the next level.  It will set your envelope apart from the rest of that day's mail as it is really eye catching.  You could also use the template for thank you notes after a party or work these in to a secret agent spy party.  Along those same lines, you can download their "Private Eye ID Cards."  Check out their other mailing and blank labels, and notecard and greeting card.  I don't have the energy to list all the cool party uses these items have right now.  If you want me to elaborate, please comment or email.  I think I need to make more coffee.  Be sure to check out their blog too, it's got some other great free download links, and lots of vintage entertaining posts and pictures.    


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