Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keep it easy

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Everyone is super busy.  Especially during the cold and flu season.  But that doesn't mean we don't want to get together with our friends.  It gets harder and harder to find the time to see your nearest and dearest, including family.  I really like this idea I saw on the blog, Picnic.  She put together an easy and yet super delicious gathering on a Saturday morning.  Who wouldn't want to swing by for a yummy donut and some good friends before moving on to their dreaded weekend errands?  And although she picked up donuts from a local restaurant (I would be hard pressed to find a place within a 15 mile radius of me that serves something more gourmet then a maple bar - what is wrong with this place?) you could pretty easily make some baked donuts instead.  Here is a great recipe or you can order a mix .  Then she added some fresh fruit and coffee and that was that.  Check out her details here.  IN TIMES LIKE THESE...I just love that new over-used catch phrase - we don't need to be super elaborate in our entertaining (says the girl who is planning a super sweet three party for her toddler).  We should think of how we can make it easier for everyone to get a break and enjoy each other's company.  Another great idea would be to host a cooking night where everyone cooks together (probably drink some wine) but then leaves with meals already prepared for the week ahead.  Or even a sewing circle (stop laughing friends) where everyone gets together to fix all those loose buttons and hanging hems (what, so I usually use double stick tape - it works).  Keep the snacks simple and the laughs flowing.  And the most important part, just add friends.   

Check out Picnic's other entertaining ideas here.  


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Hi Cupcakes and Cutlery.

Cute blog. Thank you for the link back to Picnic! I really appreciate it!



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