Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow S-, another post on wine?

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Yes. This is another post discussing wine. Why S? Why so much talk about wine? Well, nosey, I craved it all during pregnancy and even more while I was breastfeeding. But that is all over and I am free to imbibe. You all must think I do nothing but suck down bottle after bottle of mid-priced wine. Shoot, maybe you think I'm a boxed wine kind of gal. But that is not the case. I just really enjoy a nice glass of wine with my husband. We can't wait to get up to Napa for a real wine tasting experience but until then, we have to settle with trying wines at home and the rare night out to dinner. Do you know what I like even more then wine though? Chocolate. And yesterday, I thought I would go get my husband a special treat (okay, maybe something for myself too) from my favorite chocolate place in Carlsbad, Chuao Chocolatiers. But to my utter dismay, the store has closed since the last time I was there!!!! After causing a scene (okay, the scene was more internal but I was really broken up about it), I started thinking about all the good times I had with them. My friend T and I used to have a treat at their store in Irvine when shopping at the Spectrum which was often. And a few Valentine's Days ago, the store staff helped me to put together a little wine and chocolate tasting for my husband and myself. It was a fun and unique activity for the holiday. So today I thought I would see if I could at least buy their chocolates online (their Chocopods are MAGNIFICENT and if you like a little spice in your chocolate like I do, you will love their Spicy Maya or Firecracker Bar. Also online, I saw that they sell wine and chocolate pairings. I highly suggest trying this at your next girl's night in, bachelorette party or Friday evening date night with your significant other. And I am glad to see that they still have a store in Encinitas that I will be visiting later this week. Check out their retailer link to see where you can find their chocolates at a store near you. It is worth it!!!!!!!!


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