Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The world's greatest baby sprinkle

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It pays to have friends who like to entertain.  This weekend, the other two cupcakes, A & T, threw me my baby sprinkle (baby shower for 2nd or more child).  It was AMAZING!!!  I hope my words and photos can do it justice.  I know it must have taken forever to put together and all that hard work truly made me feel extra special.  So let's jump right in, shall we?   The party was held at T's new house which we affectionately call The Resort and Spa based on it's size and ambiance.  Without any decorations at all the location would have been magical, but with a canopy and some paper lanterns, the courtyard was turned in to an amazing outdoor dining room.  Everything coordinated with the original invitation design (which I don't have a photo of! sorry!) from the linens, to the flowers and napkin rings.  To welcome my guests, T pulled out her chocolate fountain (how lucky am I to know someone who has this!!) and laid out an impressive spread of cookies and fruits.  So good!!! It was hard to part with the chocolate, but finally it was time to move outside for lunch.  You may remember us mentioning T's friend Eve the caterer (here and here).  She did all the food and as always, it was decadent and perfect.  She made a tossed green salad with fruit and nuts in a light, yet flavorful vinaigrette.  There was steamed asparagus washed in butter, and caramelized Italian sausage with a squeeze of lemon.  But the real star of the show...the mac and cheese!!!  It is the BEST I have ever tasted.  I believe there was a bit of blue cheese throughout the cream sauce and then it was topped with toasty breadcrumbs and bacon.  Heaven in a ramekin.  Eve never disappoints.  When we had finished eating, we each took a card from a bowl on the table and answered the question that it posed.  They were a great way to get everyone to interact with each other and wasn't really a game.  They were mainly things that had to do with being a parent, since everyone in attendance was a mom (except for my 6 year old niece:) Like what was your most embarrassing moment as a mom or guessing when my new baby would be born.  After we had digested enough to get up from the table, we went inside to open gifts.  Baby #2 got a lot of nice gifts and we just have a few things left to pick up before his arrival.  But let's move on to the next part - dessert.  There was more chocolate fountain to be had but T also pulled out some pastries made by Eve.  She had made individual strawberry shortcakes, some sort of caramel apple gallete type dessert on puffed pastry and THE BEST LEMON BARS I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  And trust me, there have been a few lemon bars in my days.  With everyone pleasantly stuffed and the party slowly winding down, T made sure that I took a Polaroid with each guest to put in a small guest book she had put together.  I always try to make sure that I get a photo of each guest at a party but when it is your own party it is that much harder to tote around your camera.  I was grateful that she had thought of this and figured out a nice way to take care of it.  It was also a great way to make sure that I got a moment with each guest which is also sometimes hard to do.  And last but not least, as guests were leaving, they were sent off with a Sprinkles cupcake!!!!  Oh how I had been craving a good cupcake!!! What a sweet ending to an amazing sprinkle.  Thank you guys so much for everything you did.  It's not about how much the party cost, or even how the overall party turned out.  It means so much to me to know that you took time out of your busy lives to put this all together to make me feel like a queen for a day.  I have a HUGE act to follow on T's shower in a few weeks.  I hope I can deliver.  A and T if I have left anything out that you want to ad, please feel free!!!!

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