Friday, July 25, 2008

No Detail too Small

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I like to organize. I also like to contain, label and alphabetize. I cringe when there is a Lego floating around the container clearly labeled "Mega Bloks" , but those are all issues for my future therapist. Where my detail obsessed life comes in handy is with my party planning. Take my daughter's first birthday. I could have purchased fill in the blank invites, a #1 pinata and a pre-made cake from Costco (which, lets be honest, is pretty tasty), but that wouldn't be Obsessive Compulsive enough for me. I didn't want to do a theme for her birthday so I just chose a color scheme instead. I decided on pink and green and tried to bring it into every aspect of the party starting with the invites. I used an Envelopment as my base, but instead of using the pre-cut papers that can get a little pricey, I chose to measure and cut my own matting which saved quite a bit of money, and then I finished it off with a coordinating ribbon. To get the pinata to go with my color scheme, I purchased a generic circle pinata (the ones that they paste a Mylar balloon to). I then cut 2 measured circles out of color appropriate poster board, glued it on and finished it off with my daughter's first initial. As a table decoration, I wanted to arrange fresh flowers into a vase. However, when I went to the local grocery store to buy the flowers, I couldn't find any inexpensive vases. So I just started wandering the aisles until I came upon some green plastic drinking glasses for $1 a piece. They worked perfectly. Along with the flowers, I also had framed pictures of my daughter on every table. I bought inexpensive plain wood frames from Ikea and painted them pink and green. Now onto the food. This is where I spend the bulk of my budget and it is worth every penny. My good friend Eve is an extraordinary baker/chef. She not only puts an incredible amount of time and effort into everything she does but she brings creative ideas to every party. For this party she introduced me to cake kabobs. Simple, really, but my small brain couldn't have imagined it. Going along with the idea of a kabob, she threaded cake and strawberries alternately on a skewer and then drizzled the whole platter of kabobs with chocolate. Genius, pure genius. All in all the party was a success and no one even noticed the Lego in the Mega Blok box.


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