Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scratch that!

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Most of you have probably run across an Oriental Trading Company catalog by now. They send them to virtually any address of anyone who may have ever uttered the word "party". That being said, most of the time I just throw them away without even looking in them, especially if there is not a party being planned on the horizon. But this week, I stopped to take a look. They have a ton of new things in there that I have never seen before. While the quality could most certainly be better, the price is always right. This is one of the only places where you know you can find themed party items for a fraction of the price found at your local party store. But aside from the themed goods, they carry traditional party supplies, wedding supplies, some packaging items, toys and games, and so much more. One of the things, in particular, that caught my eye were these Scratch Name Tags. Not only are they black, a wonderful deviation from the typical white, but when you scratch your name in it, you can see an almost tie-dyed color peak out from underneath. They are $4.95 for 60 tags!!!!!!! They have a ton of items that would be perfect for setting up obstacle courses (I love obstacle courses!) You really just have to go take a look for yourself. This is also one of the cheapest place to have personalized pencils made for showers, or a kids party. I'm not kidding, the catalog is tens of minutes of enjoyment. Take a look next time you see one.
You really do have to take a look on your own. There are a million usable items!!!

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