Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Washcloth Ghost Tutorial From Camp Spooky

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My readers who are local should go check out Camp Spooky for themselves.  But for my readers who are out of town, you too can create these adorable and super easy washcloth ghosts.  They are cheap to make and would be the perfect activity for a kid's Halloween party.  

Supplies needed:
Washcloth (could also use felt, scraps of fabric, old t-shirts, even a napkin as long as it is fairly tough)
Cotton balls - just a handful per each ghost
White yarn - string or rubberbands would also work
Markers to embellish them

SO easy!  But really cute! 

First, lay out your washcloth, fabric, what have you in front of you. 

Next, place a handful of cotton balls in the center of the washcloth. 

Next, cut a small piece of white yarn.  Gather the washcloth around the cotton balls and tie off with the yarn. 

Of course if you were going to have the kids embellish them, you could have them draw on the washcloth before you added the cotton balls, or once it is complete so they could add a face, etc. 

I know I just shared the link last week for my Halloween ideas from last year, but here is a similar craft I did with fabric and styrofoam.  I have to say, the cotton balls would be WAY cheaper!  

all images are mine. 

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