Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snoopy's Costume Party at Camp Spooky

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Me (in pastel jumper) and my sis with Snoopy - circa 1984.  Boom
I grew up in Orange County pretty close to Knott's Berry Farm and went a lot.  But I have never ever been to Knott's during their Halloween Haunt.  I hate Halloween.  It's the Vegas of holidays.  I don't understand why, just because it is a "holiday", that it is ok for children to be shown dismembered babies, zombies with blood coming out of their eyes and way too many "naughty" nurses.  All in the name of Halloween.  This wouldn't fly in March.  But in October, allowed.  Plus I am a sissy and don't like surprises or to be scared.  In high school, when my sister and all my friends were heading out to Halloween Haunt - year after year - I wouldn't even ride in the car with my mom to drop them off.  Even the drop off point was too close to those made up monsters.  So Knott's is not the first place I would think of to take my kids for Halloween fun.  BUT I was recently invited to check out Snoopy's Costume Party at Camp Spooky (get it! How cute is that!) so I decided to give it a try.  Besides, at 8 o'clock in them morning, how much evil could there really be?  Monsters have to sleep too, right? 

It seems like there are very few places where kids can wear their costumes now, aside from trick-or-treating.  Knott's encourages the kids to come dressed up.  The Snoopy's Costume Party event is such a cute idea.  Every Saturday and Sunday in October, for the regular price of admission, your kids will be treated to some extra special activities in Camp Spooky (does not include any food or drink).  

My mom and my youngest son were my dates for this fun VIP event.  To start the morning off, we were treated to breakfast at Lucy's Lunchbox.  I don't think they usually serve breakfast, but the restaurant is cute and you can have birthday parties here if you choose to celebrate in the park.  And characters roam around while you are there.  How fun are those kid's meals?  They are served in a really cute plastic lunch pail that you can take home with you.  

Camp Snoopy, I mean, Camp Spooky is decorated really cute.  You can tell that there are some decorations meant for the super scary Halloween Haunt but for the most part, they really make an effort to keep the area kid friendly. 

After breakfast, we checked out all the rides in Camp Spooky.  Because we got to go in before the park was open to the public, we were pretty much the only people on the rides.  Which is awesome since my son has zero patience for lines.  We were the only people on the first 5 rides we went on.  All the ride operators were SO nice.  They always asked him if he had a good time and wished us a good day.  I'm sure they were not happy to be up early just for us, but they were awesome.  Fun fact:  My sister once worked as a ride operator in Camp Snoopy...

One of the fun activities the park offers just for Halloween is trick or treating.  They provide this cute map when you enter Camp Snoopy, along with the bag, and there are stops throughout where you can get candy.  One stop was Dum Dum suckers, which delighted me because my allergic son can eat them.  

How cute are these washcloth ghosts?!  Tucked just inside the entrance to one of the rides, there were two craft stations set up for the kids to make their own ghosts.  They put out markers for the kids to personalize them with faces, scribbles, whatever.  They were even willing to make them for the kids if they were too small.  I loved this!  Be sure to see the separate "how-to" post on this!

I'm sorry.  But my son is THE cutest thing on the face of the planet.  That face gets him whatever he wants.  Sorry, family.  This one is spoiled and rotten all because of me.  And that face.  

We somehow skipped the other maze and purposely skipped something called "Creepy Crawly Cave" (listen, I will do Halloween for my kids if I have to, but I'm never going to be down with bugs) but we had fun in Haunted Harvest.  I must have asked both people working there 30 times if it was scary.  They assured me it wasn't and they were right (aside from a kind of sketchy one eyed scarecrow near the end that I glanced at but held it together for the sake of my child - and it he didn't even flinch at it so...)  I ADORE the Charlie Brown movies that come on TV around each holiday especially The Great Pumpkin.  One of my favorite things about this maze was all the character cutouts throughout.  So cute!  

I highly recommend bringing your kids to Knott's for Camp Spooky!  We had a blast!  

The temperature steadily rose while we were there prompting my son to abandon his fleece costume.  When we were done with Camp Spooky, we decided to walk around the park to see what has changed since the last time my mom was there (years!).

Aside from a few very creepy clown heads decorating light poles, crazy big fake spiders and evil pumpkin men hanging off buildings, it is still safe to walk around the rest of the park in the day time.  In fact, how cute is that bone wreath?  I decided to further spoil my son with an Icee that was almost as tall as he was.  And my research shows that I am the only person who wants a funnel cake before noon.  Because NO one was selling them.  I had to settle for the lady holding a fake one.  It was not tasty.  

We had a blast at Knott's and more specifically, Camp Spooky!  A huge thank you to Knott's Berry Farm and GIGASAVVY for putting this together and hosting my family for the day!  I love being able to share things with my kids that I shared with my mom growing up.  And Knott's is a place we know and love.  

all photos are mine

I was given entry in to the park for myself and a few guests, treated to breakfast and given cowboy hats for the kids.  My opinions can not be bought, though.  They are all mine. 


Sara said...

LOVE it! I think I will have to take Haley there before the month is over! I too do not care to be scared by terrifying things. Although I love halloween! I went once to Halloween Haunt in high school and hid under my friends brothers jacket the ENTIRE TIME ahahahahaha

Kristin said...

First of all - 8AM?? ugh. But it looks like you had fun! And yes Miles is adorable. That pic with Peppermint Patty (?) is too cute. Ah the fun things you get to do when you have kids. I'm jealous.

Pear Tree Greetings said...

Snoopy holds a warm place in my heart and this outing looks super fun! I wish I lived closer! -Steph

With Style and Grace said...

yep, you have the cutest kids ever.

amy said...

is that a DOUBLE braid on the left side of your head??? can you fix my hair like that?


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