Monday, October 10, 2011

October Inspiration Board Challenge - The Participants

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I feel like I am back on track for my monthly Inspiration Board Challenge posts.  Phew!  I had a few off months during summer, but it is back and I'm super happy to welcome Taryn from Formal Fringe
 I don't remember how I came across her site but the more I go through it the more I love it!  

This just might be the perfect grown up party theme of all time!  Especially New Year's Eve, am I right?  The graphics are perfect and the colors, I mean... Oh yeah and these are free printables.  Go download them now and invite all your drunkard friends over! 

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I hate Halloween.  But there is something about the Nightmare Before Christmas that I just love!  Never seen the movie, just love the design style of it and I'm a total sucker for black and white stripes.  How rad is this dessert buffet that Taryn put together!?!  See more here.

And if you didn't like her already, you simply must check out her recipe and printables for Bacon Salt!!!!  Go make it!  Then send it to me!! 

I have to say the more I read her site and check out her photography, writing and fabulous finds, the more I want to hang out with her.  I told my bff, whose name is coincidentally Taryn, that I had a new friend with the same name.  She was worried that I might toss her aside like yesterdays news.  I assured her that since my new friend T lives out of state that she would safely continue on as my bff.  But I'm really not so sure.  Taryn of Formal Fringe is kinda rad.  I hope the other Taryn doesn't read this. 

See Taryn's Portfolio (its amazing!) 
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And now for the inspiration item that Taryn of Formal Fringe (wow, I probably really confused everyone by discussing too many Taryn's in one post) will create a mood board for:

I couldn't get the photo any larger, but I think you get the idea.  This kids t-shirt by Mini and Maximus (my fave line for kid's t's) is the coolest.  From graphic design to pocket placement Mini and Maximus takes this basic white T and makes it extra cool.  This company elevates kids design by using up and coming artists for their t-shirt graphics as well as having some super cool kids design some too.  This is my favorite line for kids shirts and my boys always get compliments when they wear them.  And while most shirts are uni-sex, some of the girlier designs tempt me in to trying for a baby girl (dear family, I am in no way suggesting that we are trying to have another baby.  I am more than happy with my two boys.  Sometimes I wish they would let me put a big old flower headband on them or a tutu, but I'm not chancing a final score of mom 1:  boys 3).

I am so excited to see what Taryn will come up with for this.  I love doing this challenge every month because I know what I my parties for the inspiration pieces would look like, but I am always surprised, in a very good way, by what the other bloggers come up with.  Be sure to check back at the end of the month to see the finished board!  And in case some of you are as crazy as I am and starting to think about Christmas shopping, be sure to check out Mini and Maximus for the cool kids on your list.  While some might balk at the price, they always have a sale section and show up on The Mini Social (if you are not signed up you simply MUST do it now.  I always do a ton of holiday shopping from this site.  Amazing fashion, toys and gifty items!!) from time to time.  

Mini and Maximus blog
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Have a great week everyone!!!


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