Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kid's Halloween Books with Great Graphics

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So this afternoon I volunteered in my son's classroom.  There was another mom in there as well so I had a quick second to glance through the Scholastic order forms.  I was delighted to see some books with great graphics, humorous stories and Halloween themed (even though I don't enjoy it.  And seeing as both my kids are having afraid-of-the-dark-issues right now, I picked these books because they appeal to my aesthetic.)  Here are some of my faves:

The Hallo-Wiener  {by Dav Pilkey} 
My oldest son was a hot dog for his very first Halloween so I was especially drawn to this book.
Oscar is a dachshund forced to wear a hot dog costume on Halloween which he does begrudgingly but in the end saves the day from some kind of peril.    "Oscar proves that he may be short on height, but he's long on heart." HA!

Jeremy Draws a Monster {Peter McCarty}
Similar to Harold and the Purple Crayon, Jeremy draws and the images come to life.  After drawing a monster who demands that Jeremy do things for him, he realizes that while he can get lost in his drawings and the solitude it provides, he would also like to experience real relationships with other kids and without this bossy monster.  

Stinky Poetry:  Halloween {Elizabeth Krych}
This book comes with scratch and sniff stickers that the kids have to put in the proper spot throughout the story.  I am not sure what smells they are and seeing as it is a Halloween themed book, I have to assume some of them might be pretty rank. But I love kids poetry books and think the colors and graphics from the cover are outstanding!!  This was available in the Scholastic catalogue I found in the classroom but I couldn't yet find it on Scholastic's website. :(

What happens in Monstertown when the son goes down?  This book will tell you all about what the different people found in town do for work and what else goes on there.  A little bit of humor, creepy but cool illustrations.  Probably best for older kids.  Again, this was in the Scholastic brochure, but not on their site.  

ABC Spook Show {Ryan Heshka}
When I was researching the book above, I also came across this ABC book.  Sort of a dictionary of creepy (G is for ghouls...) From the sample pages I could see, this seems a little darker than the previous book.  And for some reason I think Jenny would love this book.  Do you remember her zombie party from last year? 

Vunce Upon A Time {J. Otto Seibold}
I LOVE the Christmas book 'Olive the Other Reindeer' so it is no surprise that I was drawn to this book by the same illustrator.  This story is about a vegetarian vampire who loves candy.  But he is afraid to trick-or-treat on account of the scary humans.  It is a non-scary story about overcoming fears and I am pretty sure this one will be delivered to my house shortly. 

Again, I haven't read any of these but was drawn to them for their graphics and story concept.  If anyone has read them, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Now, if you would, please tell me what your kids are going to be for Halloween, I'd love to hear.  Do you dress up too? 

Maybe I really am starting to like Halloween.  After all, it took me about 30 years to like guacamole.  



Carole said...

Was thinking I needed to get a book about Halloween for Ella. I'll have to check out one of these.

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

We are so alike it's funny! I too hated guacamole...but now I get yelled at for trying to eat it all.

What a great round up of books...who knew scholastic had such great selections. I was pleasantly surprised when we read them.


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