Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lowe's Creative Ideas...and me

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Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook page already but Lowe's recently posted this video they did at Blogher 11 where they had some bloggers talk about creativity. 

SEE THE VIDEO HERE (I couldn't figure out how to shrink the movie file size to work on blogger so you can check it out on the Lowe's Facebook page)  Did you remember to "like" them? 

I wish they would have passed out some ritalin or xanax or something because I am quite twitchy.  But this was a super fun opportunity.  Did you catch my roommate (Blogher roomie, that is) Amy, at the top of the video?! 

They've got a lot of fun holiday projects coming up so stay tuned!!! And be sure to visit the Lowe's Creative Ideas website for more fun tips and ideas! 

If you haven't yet signed up for the free Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine do it {here}.

Video and still taken from video courtesy of Lowe's Creative Ideas

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