Monday, September 12, 2011

A manly dessert table for Daniel Tosh!

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So a few weeks ago I got a really fun opportunity to help decorate a dessert table.  Kristin, of Meringue Bake Shop, was contacted to do a dessert table for Daniel Tosh, as in Tosh.O, as in the funniest m effer on the planet who you feel bad about liking because he is so politically incorrect that you feel like just by liking him you could lose your job or have to go to confession.  She called me to brainstorm ideas and of course I had to worm my way in to actually doing the table.  

Here is the adorable Kristin and her husband, Lyle, in the background.  Besides being awesome, she makes the most amazing desserts.  Lyle and Kristin are big fans of Daniel Tosh and I was super excited for her to get a chance to do a fun table for him.  The table was to be for the wrap party, as it was the last night of his nationwide tour. 

Kristin pretty much let me go to town although I always checked in with her to make sure that she approved of all the elements since her name was on the table.  We found that great striped fabric from IKEA and used a lot of wood, cement and natural elements for the decor.  Jenny of Hank and Hunt recreated the stripey pattern for us digitally so I could use it for tags, signs, etc.  Have I mentioned how rad she is?  How cool are those white porcelain succulents that Kristin found?!

MMMMMMmmmmmm.  Kristin's salted caramel cupcakes and Push Cakes are one of my favorite flavors she makes.  Ridiculously tasty. 

Macaroons...yum!  I was not a fan of chocolate covered marshmallows as a dessert table feature until I tasted these.  Whatever chocolate she used was exceptional and she coated that with graham cracker crumbs.  Yeah.  So good.  Let me take a moment to tell you about the mini pies.  These mini pies haunt me.  They are the best pies that I have ever had.  And I want them all the time.  For real.  They are made by hand and I wish that I could send these around the country so everyone can taste them.  Push Cakes are always a show stopper and I am sure they were very well received.  And although I have never met a crispy treat that I didn't like, somehow Kristin manages to make them even better.  If you haven't used Meringue Bake Shop for your party treats yet, you need to.  You will NOT be disappointed.  

Thanks for letting me be a part of this super fun experience Kristin!  Even if we didn't get to meet him. 

All photos mine


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

You guys did amazing! I've decide I need to come down to meet you and eat some amazing push funding my mini trip is another story...

lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

what a cute party! super manly. you guys did awesome. and that jenny, she is the BEST graphic designer :)


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