Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shaken Basil Iced Tea

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I go through flavor phases.  Right now I am totally in to basil.  Yes, I'm still thinking of that basil gimlet from San Diego.  I tried to make one and it just didn't turn out right.  But I still want that basil flavor.  I figured that I shouldn't continually try cocktail recipes all day long so I decided to boost my regular iced tea.  I've been adding basil to my iced tea for a week now but decided that shaking it might make it even more perfect.  I was not wrong.  

I made the iced tea in my Keurig and I use the Celestial Seasonings Unsweetened Black Iced Tea.  I do not like my tea sweet, but I am sure you could also use one of the presweetened teas available.  Just don't make me drink it or I'll gag.  For those of you that don't have a Keurig, I'm so sorry for you!  Just brew your tea however you usually do and then watch the sales so you can buy yourself one because they are awesome.     

Add some basil to your cocktail shaker.  I used about 5 leaves.  I could have even put a few more for an even bolder basil flavor.  I added a smidge (what?  That is not a technical enough measurement for you?) or a tablespoon or so of iced tea and muddled the basil.  Yes, that is an ice cream scooper that I used to muddle.  If you don't know what muddle means, it means to gently smoosh the basil to release the oils.  Add the ice to the shaker, add more iced tea.  Then shake what your mamma gave you.  Pretend you are in the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise.  I've never actually seen that movie but it sounds like there are probably drinks in it.  Am I right? 

This was also my son's first photo shoot.  In the middle of me taking pictures of the ingredients, he walked up with what appears to be a mini car motor of some kind and started saying, "click."  He is hilarious.  I think I am going to have him be a regular contributor.   

This really did turn out so good!  It was amazingly refreshing, had a lovely basil flavor and made me feel a little fancy.  This would be awesome to serve to guests.  It is a nice way to take something kind of ordinary and make it special.  

Plus I saw this at the store a few weeks ago.  Magazines are never wrong.  Your welcome. 

All photos are mine. 


Taryn @ Formal Fringe said...

Ice tea melts fat? I'm SOLD.

OK, so you had me hooked at Basil. This looks so delicious and refreshing. I'll definitely have to try it. The boyfriend has an ice tea maker at home--it's one of those useless single-use gizmos that's actually proven to be pretty useful.

And I have to ask... where is that blue-squiggle-striped glass from? I love it!

Go Against The Grain said...

oh my i have to try this! I'm a big basil fan too! You need to try a pineapple basil mojito.... its the best drink ever. seriously.


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