Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Healthy Cowboy Kitchen - Tasty, healthy food

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I'm so excited for my friend, Katie!  She started her own company, The Healthy Cowboy Kitchen, making, healthy, unprocessed and totally yummy foods and you can now find her at Farmer's Markets all over Orange County!  We tried her popsicles for the first time today and you HAVE to try them!  They are coconut milk based and amazing!  Miles tried the Summer Peach with pieces of raspberry and cinnamon (which added the most subtle and perfect flavor!).  I tried the Cantaloupe Mojito (no rum, darn :).  So here is the deal.  It was simply phenomenal.  It was refreshing, and because it is made from nothing but ripe, REAL fruit, the flavor was out of this world.  The fresh mint added the most pleasant herbyness and I think I could have stood there and eaten them all day long.  Except that they were starting to melt and Miles was totally sticky and I have an aversion to messes.  But seriously if you have kids, you need to take them to get these popsicles.  Delicious and a great way to introduce them to natural foods.  She also sell Spicy Bean Burger Patties which I don't know too much about so you should probably track her down and ask her about them.  

Her Roasted Corn Salsa was crazy good.  It was seasoned just perfectly and was really flavorful.  She has the magic touch with cumin, which can easily go from "Oh, hello there.  I'm cumin.  Pleased to make your acquaintance" to "Come here.  I'm about to punch you in your throat."  I finished this container and immediately got sad that I didn't buy more for the rest of the week.  It was THAT good.  

She also sells 3 kinds of energy bars.  RAW energy bars.  I'm not a follower of the raw diet.  It frightens me a little.  But I really wanted to try these.  She makes a sort of Orange/Cranberry version, a Lemon/Ginger version which I am kicking myself for not sampling and this Lime/Coconut version that I would marry if it was legal.  While I try not to have nuts in the house due to food allergies, I just had to try this.  Lime might be my all time favorite flavor (sorry basil) and you could see the lime zest throughout this bar.  The flavor was amazing (totally running out of adjectives, I know!  And I don't think sounds will translate well via type so I'll add an extra exclamation point to drive my point home)!!  Forget Luna bars, these are the thing for me.  I'm not sure what the shelf life is but if I can just get enough to get me through to the next Farmer's Market, I'll be okay.  

Find Katie and her Healthy Cowboy Kitchen at these Farmer's Markets:
{Saturday}  Laguna Beach (may not be there every day as she fills in when people can't make it)

(sorry these are the best links I could find!)

Katie works from a kitchen out of Laguna Canyon and I'm so impressed with her whole operation.  These popsicles would be a perfect treat for your next kid's party!  I love to support small, local businesses and this one is for such a great cause, YOUR health!  Read Katie's story here and become inspired.  She'll be updating her blog again as soon as she gets in to the swing of things but you can check out a post she did for me {here}.

Way to go, Katie!!!  So proud of you and all that you stand for.  

all photos are mine. 


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Healthy CAN be yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Rainbowsouffle said...

She needs a website! I can't tell you how badly I want to see a website for these items :D

those popsicles remind me of a local place here called Loco Pops (yumm!)

Sky Octo LNB said...

It's such a light, refreshing salsa. I did not have fresh corn, so I took some frozen corn and sauteed in a pan to get some color on it. After I let it cool, I added the remaining ingredients. Used lemon juice instead of lime. This is great for chips and wheat crackers and a side perfect for tacos and burritos.mmu


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